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Throwback: Remember the Infamous Wendy Williams and Whitney Houston Interview?


Wendy Williams’ knack for giving her opinion and celebrity gossip fishing she has come on a bad list of many. Over the years, many celebrities have joked with Williams, shouting out about her approach to journalism. One of them is Whitney Houston. The two celebrities were raised in an interview on the Williams radio show.

Whitney Houston | Phil Dent / Redferns

Whitney Houston and Wendy Williams had a long and long history of exploding in an interview

Before fishing on hot topics as a guest talk show during the day, Williams was one of the most famous radio people. She spent more than 20 years hosting shows during an afternoon tour of top markets, including in Philadelphia and New York. Williams became famous and at times hated to reveal the mysterious mysteries of the famous people.

Houston was one person who stayed on Williams’ lips during her radio course. Williams often told stories about Houston ‘s drug use, his apparent behavior, and the difficult times of Houston’ s marriage to Bobby Brown. Nevertheless, she begged Houston to come on her radio show.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive through Getty Images

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Houston finally agreed to conduct a telephone interview with Williams in 2003 and from the beginning, the interview the weather was full. The legendary singer criticized Williams for constantly talking about her personal life and scolded Williams for doing so for herself and others.

Williams didn’t come back down, she asked Houston about Brown’s trouble with the law and how it affects their only child together. Houston broke back, threatening Williams and cursing through their conversation.

By the end of the interview, however, the two women shared their love and respect for each other and finally agreed to meet in person. Houston also thanked Williams for supporting her music and for playing her records on her shows.

Wendy Williams claims to be a lifelong fan of Whitney Houston

The 2003 interview with Houston was his first and last interview with the star. However, Williams has always said that she loves Houston and when it came to a daytime talk show, she would often talk about Houston while she was Hot topics break up. She was also celebrating a fan with a Houston face on it in the early days of her show.

Williams gave 2012 Houston a hard time passing. She poured her heart out about Houston during her show after the death of Houston.

Through the tears, Williams explained that she always felt connected to Houston because they are both from New Jersey and have experienced drug addiction. Williams’ heartbreak was obvious.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston | Photos Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty

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“One thing about my connection with Whitney is that I wanted both of us to be very solemn and very sensitive and I knew I would meet her one day, but I always did. sees that time as being in the late 50s, 60s, with her being the keynote speaker to say no [to drugs], ”Williams says. “I just for some reason thought that was what she would do… I just thought we would meet and chew and we would be sober and older. ”

As to why Williams fanned Houston, Williams’ explanation is commendable. “It was never because I thought she would ever come to our show because that’s just why I didn’t do it,” Williams says. “I was doing it because I was still hearing things about Whitney and in my own subtle, cooked way, this was my way of showing love.”

Williams is still a Houston fan today.