Mike Tyson Says the Police Hated When Tupac Visited Him in Prison — ‘When He Came, The Inmates Got Rowdy’


Mike Tyson has a ton of memories from his three years in prison, but some are more willing than others. Tyson has previously admitted that he enjoyed his time in prison, and his prison stories often explain why.

Tyson recently concluded that one of his favorite memories is of Tupac Shakur from his time in prison. According to Tyson, the polarizing rapper visited him and ended up causing a stir among the residents.

Mike Tyson remembers when Tupac visited him in prison

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson will be playing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. | Donald Kravitz / Getty Images

He remembered one of his fondest memories of Tupac when the superstar came to visit him in prison. Tyson shared TI’s expediTIously podcast that the jail broke out when Tupac stopped.

“He’s coming to visit me in prison,” said Tyson. “And he’s talking, and he’s excited and so lively, and suddenly we’re out and he’s jumping on the table, and I guess – and the cops and the guards are look at it – I like, ‘Come down,’ I say ‘Get down from there, come here. Stop, come down now. ‘He says,’ What’s wrong? ‘ I say ‘Get down, look, come down.’ ”

Fortunately, Tyson managed to calm Tupac and get off the table before the prisons made a case out of him.

Prison guards did not like Tupac being in prison

Even though Tyson enjoyed one of his close friends visiting him in prison, the prison guards were not so happy. Apparently, Tupac did not like them very much because he had the ability to motivate the prisoners for their own good.

“He didn’t like the guards, he didn’t like the prison, because when he came, the residents became stormy and they were pumped up, and that was the way it was, a safety situation there. So they didn’t like that. But it was just like an energy voltage. When he came in, everyone knew him, he had a lot of respect, and I believe that was how he lived, he wanted respect. ”

Mike Tyson’s prison friends were shocked when Tupac shot at two non-working police officers

Tyson also explained that Tupac visited with prisoners long after he left. Later, when it was discovered that Tupac had shot two police officers who were not away, the residents became furious.

“When word came out he had just visited me, and then gone out and shot at two police officers who were not working, everyone in prison went mad. It was like a riot, everyone went mad. Yes, [unintelligible] he had so much power. ”

Mike Tyson was banned from seeing Tupac after his release

Tyson never refuses to talk about Tupac and what the rapper meant to him. They were two of the most iconic and controversial of their time, so it’s easy to see why they had a close relationship.

Unfortunately for Tyson, he was not allowed to hang out with Tupac once he was released from prison. Because he was on probation service, it was forbidden to hang out with certain people, especially condemned felts. This made him unable to spend time with some of his famous friends, including Tupac and Bobby Brown.