‘Chicago Med’: Will the Series Discuss Mental Health In the Time of Coronavirus?


2020 has been a very difficult year. In just 10 months, we have seen the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) ravage the entire world, and the fight against police brutality and racism through the Black Lives movement has to seek his voice.

In all tensions, various revelations have gotten into their message about some of the social crimes in the script. The Chicago PD, for example, has been working toward dealing with police brutality because its leader, Sergeant Hank Voight, is very violent himself. Chicago Med it is also expected to include consideration of mental health, particularly at these times.

Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles looks up and to the left
Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles | Elizabeth Sisson / Getty Images

Chicago Med treats more than mental health

Chicago Med is a piece of Chicago series copyright created by Dick Wolf. The show is based on the doctors and nurses of the emergency department at Gaffney Medical Center Chicago and how they work together to save patients’ lives.

The lives of Chicago Gaffney Medical Center members always interact with the rest of the Chicago series, with referrals sometimes occurring in the franchise. For example, Dr. Will Halstead, the ED who oversees attending physician hospitalization, is a relative of Detective Jay Halstead from Chicago PD Meanwhile, Dr. April Sexton is a childhood friend of Lieutenant Kelly Severide of Fire Chicago.

Chicago Med first released on November 17, 2015, on NBC. It’s been around for five seasons, and in February 2020, the show was updated for another three seasons. The sixth season is expected to appear in November 2020.

Show stars Nick Gehlfuss, Yaya DaCosta, Torrey DeVitto, Rachel DiPillo, and Collin Donnell, to name a few. One of the characters on the show, Dr. Charles, stands out from the rest because it is unusual to have such a character at medical drama shows.

Who is Dr. Charles and why is it so special?

Dr. Charles is a recent widow psychologist, played by Oliver Platt, at Gaffney Medical Center Chicago. Dr. Charles ensures that his fellow physicians are in good mental health, as well as treating patients for a number of emergency and health issues.

Dr. Charles is a very small member of Chicago Med since it took fans to a whole new angle on medical drama performances. Most medical demonstrations focus on how doctors and nurses treat medical nurses with an occasional love story thrown in.

But, Chicago Med trying to show the audience that doctors are also human, and they also have difficult times in their lives. It also shows the wide range of mental health issues that psychologists handle and how the field of treatment is larger than people might think. This is why Dr. Charles is a unique but essential part Chicago Med.

His presence paves the way for the show to address mental health issues during this time

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has caused panic and confusion. Doctors and nurses have been on the front line to fight the spread of the deadly disease. Various demonstrations have paid homage to the frontline staff by giving different purposes dedicated to doctors and hospital staff.

Presentations as Chicago Med not only have they provided some equipment, but they have also found a way to show viewers what doctors and nurses go through each day. Dick Wolf is famous for borrowing from real situations, and the current weather could find a spot in a program or two of the upcoming season.

Fans of the show will get evidence of their favorite medical heroes on screen treating the disease directly, according to Any Chicago Center. Fans will also see the mental health challenges that come with dealing with something as difficult as a pandemic, for both front – line medical workers and everyday people. While fans have said they wouldn’t want a coronavirus to invade their show, many appreciate the series ’efforts to reveal the truth as it is.