Were the Fish Nuns Actually the Best Part of the Sequel Trilogy?


The Last Jedi there was a satirical film among them Star Wars fans, but most fans agree there were plenty of great things about it.

Like most Star Wars movies, the action scenes were generally praised by fans, but they weren’t the only scenes that received a huge welcome in the film. There are many things in Star Wars, and while the force and luminaries play a big part in the universe, the monsters are also a big part of the universe. Star Wars hemisphere.

Star Wars has always been full of strange and strange creatures, and The Last Jedi there was no difference in that regard. Here’s a look at why the fish-nuns were so popular with Star Wars fans The Last Jedi.

Who were the ‘fish nuns’ in ‘The Last Jedi’?

Director Rian Johnson
Director Rian Johnson | Christopher Jue / Getty Images for Disney

One of the main stories in the follow-up trilogy was about Luke Skywalker and how he left. As Rey discovers, Luke found himself on Ahch-To, which is a remote planet that is home to an ancient Jedi temple.

Ahch-To, however, was not a deserted planet, and it lived with life. Of course, the porgs were part of the ecosystem on Ahch-To, but there were also the strange creatures on the island that looked like nuns. Fans have affectionately referred to them as “fish nuns,” but they are known as Caretakers.

As their name implies, their job is to bring attention to the island and any visitors that come there. So they did not kindly accept the people Luke and Rey were doing when they were on the island.

That said, they are not caregivers at all, and their species is called Lanai. In a view deleted in The Last Jedi, the nuns can even be seen partying with other Lanais who work as fishermen.

Star Wars fans thought the Guardians were kind of weird

Like Star Wars fans on Reddit said, one of the reasons many fans thought the nuns were good creatures was because of how weird they are. Speaking of which, the nuns just looked completely alien, as they looked like fish people.

At the same time, however, the fish nuns had a lot of hard work, which made them look quite normal despite the fact that they were fish people. The fish nuns enter The Last Jedi they were always just doing regular tasks like cleaning things and repairing stuff.

They did nothing weird despite looking so weird.

As a result, many Star Wars fans commented that this weirdness was very similar to the weirdness in the other Star Wars movies. For example, in New hope, Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi enter a cantina and see a handful of weird monsters doing regular things like playing jazz music.

One fan even said that The Last Jedi, “They did a great job capturing the weirdness of Star Wars. ”

The nuns were funny too

Common complaint about it The Last Jedi not all of the jokes that came ashore, but for many Star Wars fans, the jokes that included the fish-ups were almost non-existent. always coming ashore.

For example, one of the funniest scenes in the film happened while Rey was training with her luminary.

Rey hits the rock she was training a little too hard and cuts her off. The rock falls off a cliff and completely destroys a wheelhouse that was pushed forward by two Witches. The fishmongers had a very funny look on their faces, because they couldn’t believe what had just happened.

There were other funny scenes including the Fish Nuns, but suffice it to say, Star Wars fans generally enjoyed them all. As a result, some Star Wars fans consider them to be the best part of the movie, and a few fans even want a sequel showing the Fish Nuns.