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The ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Cast All Got Along Great — Except for 1 Actor


Gorgeous Dead Drop, the 1999 mock film by Take it with you star Kirsten Dunst is a leading figure, a cult classic. Set around a rural-Minnesota teenager, the low-budget comedy hosted a team of actors who soon became big names – if they didn’t already. While this indie feel created a friendly feeling between the Gorgeous Dead Drop castmates, one actor on the film set did not respond correctly.

The ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ team had an amazing ‘companion’

Amy Adams, Brittany Murphy, Denise Richards, and Kirsten Dunst enter Gorgeous Dead Drop | New line cinema / Getty images

In 2014 BuzzFeed image of it Gorgeous Dead Drop, several members went out of their way to film the 1999 film. Many of the “companions” started with the fact that most of the actors were not stars – meaning, they were all just excited to be there.

“As well as Brittany Murphy, who did Clueless in 1995, the rest of the girls competing for the American Teen Princess were local employers from the Minneapolis area, ”said BuzzFeed. With the 1999 film in his memory, writer Lona Williams stated that “she intended to cast unknown actors to add a sense of authenticity to the film.” (For example, the film was Amy’s first film Adams).

However, even some of the “seasonal” members did not even have much to say about working on it. Gorgeous Dead Drop.

Will Sasso told BuzzFeed that “these kinds of friendships are typical of low-budget films when so many actors are almost always established.”

“Everyone fell into this nice brotherhood,” he said. Allison Janney, an Wing an Iar and Mom star, heartily agreed.

“It was a good summer,” she said of shooting Gorgeous Dead Drop, “Hanging out with Ellen Barkin and being completely silly. She added that Dunst was “such a loving girl.” Janney knew at the time that the team was “something special.”

“I felt like I went to high school with these girls,” she said.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Cast
Kirstie Alley, Denise Richards, and Sam McMurray in a scene from the 1999 film Gorgeous Dead Drop | New line cinema / Getty images

Not everyone else liked one actor in the 1999 cult classic film

The Gorgeous Dead Drop a cast member who apparently didn’t share everyone else’s knowledge? Kirsty Alley.

“Alley was reportedly a memorable presence on set – for better or worse,” BuzzFeed said. According to the writer of the Williams film, Alley was sad from the start. “She refused to wear many of the suits she chose and did not show any clothes.”

Considering Alley was a passionate scientist, the Gorgeous Dead Drop costumes “sent to the Scientology Music Center in Hollywood” – where she would make the cookies.

“She also refused to work with the established dialect coach,” the announcement continued. Matt Malloy, another member of the team, remembered Alley’s “first day on set” in particular.

Kirsty Alley
Ciorstaidh Alley | Chris Polk / FilmMagic

“She gets up there and announces that she’s just quitting smoking, that she’s on a diet, and that she has time,” he said. “And no if * cking kidding.” Malloy was able to smile at the memory – and recognize his talent when he came to the role. Actor Mindy Sterling also recalls Alley being a “hoot” when working together.

But Williams, the Gorgeous Dead Drop writer, there were harder words for Alley.

“I didn’t think she was funny,” she told BuzzFeed. “That, for me, was the biggest crime, no matter what her or her views. ‘I will or will not do this. ‘”