Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Reveals How He Stays Excited About Playing the Hulk: ‘They’re Going to Throw Me Out of the Club’


As stars like Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield know, it’s always awesome to get into an established superhero role. Just as Batman and Spider-Man have been played by a number of different actors, so has the Hulk. But Mark Ruffalo had the added challenge of taking over the role within the same franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Mark Ruffalo at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo
Mark Ruffalo at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo | Photos by Daniel Boczarski / Getty

Mark Ruffalo was the last original Avenger to accompany the Marvel movies

Ruffalo not only had to hop aboard the series that was already underway. He didn’t start out first as the Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk to Marvel The Avengers. In that team film, his performance is one of the top six fans he has never seen before. Even Jeremy Renner Hawkeye made a cameo Thor the previous year.

But Ruffalo hit the ground running, creating a version of Banner that has conclusively argued. Looking back, the actor seems to be grateful to that friend and Zodiac Co-star Robert Downey Jr. spoke. has taken over. After all, joining the MCU has allowed Ruffalo to take on the sustainability of other passion projects, such as Infinite polar bear and Dark waters.

Will Mark Ruffalo return as ‘Smart Hulk’ in the Disney + ‘She-Hulk’ series?

Too late Avengers: Endgame, Hulk suffered a serious injury to one of his arms. With permission, the wounded were restored half a lifetime throughout the world. So it’s a valuable sacrifice. However, it does mean that Hulk ‘s ability to engage enemies in battle is compromised. So it is unlikely that Ruffalo will appear in another Avengers film anytime soon.

Instead, the actor may join the upcoming Disney + series She-Hulk. That series follows Banner ‘s cousin, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), as she develops her own powers. Ruffalo has been looking for a career there, which would allow the Hulk to support a new hero. But there is also an opportunity She-Hulk Ruffalo may say goodbye to the MCU.