Martin Scorsese Reveals the First Cut of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Was Much Longer — ‘It Was Over 4 Hours or So’


Martin Scorsese is famous for long periods with his films. Several of his films ran over 120 minutes and Wall Street wolf different. The film is currently listed as two hours and fifty-nine minutes long, but it could be much longer.

The iconic film director revealed that the first cut of the film ran over four hours and that he believes there is no such thing as director cuts.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ first ran over 4 hours

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese attends Gala 2020 National Review Board | Mike Coppola / FilmMagic)

By average film standards, Wall Street wolf quite long. The running time is two hours and fifty-nine minutes, respectively Collider, so the film is mostly three hours. During that time, viewers see a ton of debauchery, fraud, and shameless drug use, but of course the film could be much longer. Several years ago, Scorsese told the Hollywood Reporter that it was his first cut Wall Street wolf it was much longer.

“It was over four hours or so, yeah,” Scorsese said.

When asked why Scorsese had an answer only a director would give.

“It took longer to cut the shape of the picture, that’s it,” said Scorsese. “There were so many pictures. Our process was pushed back around four or five weeks, maybe four weeks, I’d say. But that is also the part, of embracing the picture. Thinking about its shape. It was naturally longer than it is now. “

Scorsese does not believe in leader cuts

Scorsese also said in his mind, that there are no such things as “leader cuts,” and that he doesn’t really understand the use of the term today.

“No, of course not. That’s all the first cut, ”said Scorsese. “I’ve heard everyone talk about this director’s cuts, of course not – if not, in the old days they took the film away from you, and made a cut. This was a director’s cut, and someone found it – that’s a director’s cut. But a longer cut is a longer cut. ”

Scorsese still wants to change parts of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Despite the positive positive response Wall Street wolf, there are still parts that Scorsese wishes could change. He shared in the same interview that he would like to change some of the conversation because the “rhythm” is off.

“There’s a series or two of conversations I’d like to postpone,” admitted Scorsese. “But with just the rhythm, it’s just a little off, it affects the next look and the next look. And it was, uh, really great experience putting this together in the editing room. ”

The average movie viewer seems to have no idea what he’s talking about, but that’s what makes Scorsese so good. The whole approach and process for making films is very artistic and unique. He sees things that other people would never have noticed and he has special scenes for his films.