‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Yazan Homeless and Jobless Due to Relationship With Brittany Banks, Fans React


Fian 90 days the Yazan couple and Brittany Banks have major cultural differences to overcome. The two have struggled to maintain the relationship despite the expectations of Yazan’s parents, who are rectangular Muslims. Meanwhile, Banks has been hiding that she is still in the middle of a divorce from both Yazan and his parents. Now, with Banks leaving Yazan behind to end his divorce, Yazan is in hot water with his parents, and has found his loss both from work and home .

Yazan parents did not like Brittany Banks

Brittany Banks and Yazan of 90 day Fiancé
Brittany Banks and Yazan à Fian 90 days | TLC

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When Brittany Banks visited Yazan’s parents Fian 90 days, things did not go well. Just off the bat is a huge language barrier between Banks and the Yazan family. To make matters worse, Yazan’s parents don’t like Banks ’social media presence and penchant for posting pictures.

“We will not accept my son even being in a funny relationship or even a romantic relationship with… I mean, with all due respect, so you are still on social media and you are still the way you are. Turn off all this. Put off all the lives you have lived, and you would marry Yazan, ”said his father.

When his parents asked Banks when they were going to get married, pushing him to be sooner rather than later, Banks responded in January. This did not make them very happy.

“I never want to see your parents again. I have done it, ”Banks later told Yazan.

“I’m not good at dealing with emotions. This situation with Yazan’s parents drove me crazy, ”she told delegates.

Yazan lost his job and his home

Now, Yazan reveals that he has lost both his home and his career as a result of his relationship with Brittany Banks, and his father ‘s resentment.

“We sat down and he started talking about Brittany. He said he did not accept the marriage in its entirety. He does not want it. He started asking about social media, ”Yazan told his friend Mohammed Fian 90 days.

“Those are old pictures, Mohammed. He started telling me she’s playing with me, she doesn’t want to marry me. They feel like she’s just lying to me. ”

The Fian 90 days a star appeared to have protected Banks from his father, and as a result, his father kicked him out of the home and shot him from his family’s work.

“I spent my first night at my uncle’s. After that, I had to stay on the street for two days. Then I rented a house and looked for work. I will not speak to anyone. I spend time alone. I swear, Mohammed, that this is the hardest time, in fact the hardest time I have been through, ”he told his friend.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans will respond

Fian 90 days fans were naturally upset to hear that Yazan had received such a magical treatment from his father. Many of them seemed to feel like Brittany Banks didn’t really understand how her relationship with Azan and behavior in Jordan could affect Azan personally.

“I don’t think Brittney understood or cared about what she was up to in Yazan. I believe Brittney was leaving too much again for his family, ”wrote one user Reddit.

“It makes me so sad. It seems that she is only on display to enhance her image. And she laughs about everything no matter how bad it is. I hate watching her confession, ”wrote another fan.

However, not everyone agreed. One user pointed out that Yazan should know in advance that things would not be easy.

“[H]He knew who she was and her social media accounts were good before she went to visit Jordan. He knew his parents would hate Brittany if they saw its social media platforms. This is a difficult situation but the burden does not fall squarely on the shoulders of Wales, ”they say. write in part.

“Wow, going through a late stage of revolution while living and working for his parents was a bad idea. Panic, ”wrote another user.