’90 Day Fiancé: Brittany Banks May Be Dating a Nigerian Rapper and It’s Not Usman Umar


Brittany and Yazan have been struggling this season of 90 day testimonial: The other way around. While the pair have not publicly dealt with a breakup, every sign from their social media accounts indicates they are no longer together. Now, rumors are circulating that Banks may have a new foreign boyfriend.

Relationship between Brittany and Yazan

Yazan and Banks was no ordinary game. Yazan came from a conservative Muslim background while Banks lived a wild life of parties, sailing, and doing whatever she wanted. The two fell in love after meeting unknowingly about a video chat while Yazan was talking to his sister who lived in the US When Banks arrived in Jordan, the two almost started fighting. immediately. Yazan’s views on what a wife should have did not connect with who Banks was and she refused to force her to convert to Islam.

Since Banks did not want to change, she was always against the Yazan family.

Signs that Brittany and Yazan have broken up

Banks and Yazan have not fully stated that they are no longer together, more likely to defend themselves from breaking their contract with TLC, but the way they talk about each other is social media has led fans to believe they are divided.

“So I wouldn’t know what to think of it,” Banks said. “I haven’t heard his music, so I don’t know what to think of that. I believe he’s an elegant dude, he’s a good looking guy and for me I need more than just looking into someone but yeah, I’m sure a lot of people think it looks good and if i like it, i dont know anything about that. “

Now, fans are wondering if Banks is dating Nigerian rapper KSlim after she went on a private jet trip with him. according to Rant Screen, fans asked the rapper in a Ask Me Anything session on Instagram if he was with Banks but he didn’t answer.