‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’: Who Is the Soldier Ghost?


Bly Manor Event it is full of ghosts. Some are hidden, like the ones inside Hill House Event. Others are part of the statement. One ghost that fans have questions about. Who is the ghost of a soldier moving across Bly Manor?

By working the ghosts into the story rather than covering them in the background, Flanagan delves into the less intimidating aspects of the “great place.”

“Very much unlikely the first season, [all of the ghosts in Bly Manor] of course they will be explained, ”said Flanagan. “By the end of the season, you know who they are and why they are there.”

While we may understand most of Bly ‘s ghosts, there are other back ghosts that some fans have a few questions, especially the ghost of the soldier.

The ghost of the soldier is from the childhood of Henry Wingrave

As Henry (Henry Thomas) explains to Flora (Amelie Bea Smith) in “The Jolly Corner,” his own imaginary friend was growing up.

“I had a friend when I was your age too,” he begins. “Of course in this house. He was a soldier, but I was very scared until I told him a story. ”

Many fans think that the soldier’s ghost is a nod to another work by James, Owen Wingrave. In the story, Owen attends military school only to stop war and embrace calm. To prove to his family that he is not a coward, Owen spends the night in a “haunted room. The next day, he was found dead.

This soldier figure can be found in the background of several scenes, hidden in plain sight as the ghosts inside Hill House Event.