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The Members of BTS Are Taking University Courses Despite Being Global Superstars With Busy Schedules


In the last few years, BTS has become very popular. They became one of the leading artists in South Korea, and now the group is on its way to world control.

With BTS ‘s reputation level, it is not surprising that the members are very busy. They often spend their time recording music, dance rehearsals, acting and other promotional activities. Most people would not be able to take university level courses into this type of program, but BTS is different. It is reported that the members are learning along with their world-famous career.

BTS | JTBC PLUS / Imazins through Getty Images

Did BTS graduate from high school?

All BTS members attended and graduated from high school. The older members graduated from high school before BTS began in 2013, while the younger ones were still high school students when they became K-pop idols.

V and Jimin were about 17 years old when BTS went off. They were attending the Korean High School of Art together at the time. Both of them then graduated in 2014.

Meanwhile, the youngest member, Jungkook, was only 15 when he came out. He went to Seoul School of Performing Arts, which is popular with K-pop idols and trainers. Jungkook finally graduated in 2017 as BTS began to become more popular across the globe. Its part graduation they received a lot of attention, and were attended by BTS colleagues Jungkook.

BTS members went to Global Cyber ​​University

Shortly after graduating from college, Jin enrolled in a graduate school at Hanyang Cyber ​​University to pursue advertising and the media.

By July 2020, five other BTS members had also enrolled in the same program. Jungkook is the only one who has not joined (it is not clear if he has graduated from GCU yet).

Some people believe that BTS is only looking for their MBA to delay their compulsory military service, which is essential for young Korean men. However, as reported by INQPOP!, a source at Big Hit Entertainment stopped those rumors, saying, “They are not getting into graduate school because of the military service, but they all wanted to go to school because they have the will and desire to study. ”

BTS seems to want to improve themselves through education. In addition to taking university courses, the group also spends time learning languages, especially English, and working on job-related skills.