Tamar Braxton Defends Her Ex, David Adefeso, After Sister Toni Braxton Slams Him on Instagram


The drama between Tamar Braxton and her ex, David Adefeso, now pours into Tamar ‘s famous family. The Braxton sisters are made to bite the tongue of Adefeso. They blast the “Love & War” singer’s ex on social media as Tamar comes to the defense of Adefeso.

Tamar Braxton and Toni Braxton
Tamar Braxton and Toni Braxton Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

Toni Braxton and her sisters slam David Adefeso for how he handled the breakup with Tamar Braxton

The Braxton sisters are not giving Adefeso any slap for his public campaign against Tamar amid the breakdown of the former couple. Trina recently tasted Adefeso, explaining that she disagrees with how he handled the breakup during an interview with Claudia Jordan.

In response to Adefeso’s restraining order against Tamar, Trina says, “I thought it was a lot and thought it was unnecessary but I think it’s important for me to keep my thoughts to myself. myself because it is not going to be enjoyable. ”

Trina says the situation with Tamar and Adefeso has just brought the Braxton family closer.

Toni is now speaking out against Adefeso. In a panic Post Instagram, Toni accuses Adefeso of dragging her children into his asshole between him and Tamar.

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“David, You Weasel… you Ferret… You are beyond contempt,” Toni begins in the post. “Again, DO NOT include my children in your people. See if you leave my family alone! “

A source explains The Shade Room that Adefeso called the police to Toni ‘s home believing that Tamar was living there in an attempt to give her legal documents. Adefeso representatives leaked text messages between him and Toni with Toni begging him to keep her and her children out of it.

Towanda continued, calling Adefeso a “missing boy” in Instagram live. She also says the situation between Tamar and Adefeso is far more dangerous than the public knows. Trina also posted Toni about Adefeso.

Tamar Braxton defends David Adefeso, saying Adefeso was an ‘amazing partner’

Tamar has been quiet since she separated from Adefeso. With the exception of an Instagram post promising to love herself and keep her mental health a priority, Tamar has remained a mother about the details of their separation.

After her Instagram posts, Tamar breaks her silence. In a series of audio recordings she posted on her social media, Tamar shadows her sisters for public speaking.

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“I really appreciate my family suddenly speaking up for me,” Tamar began. She also notes that although her family is currently speaking out in the media their relationship has still grown.

While Tamar agrees with her sisters that Adefeso’s treatment of their separation could have been better, she wishes their relationship wasn’t all bad. She says Adefeso was a wonderful partner to her and an even bigger stepfather to her 7-year-old son, Logan.

Tamar notes that her family was not present at the time of her need. She asks everyone to let her deal with her personal affairs in private.

Quarter 7 of Braxton Family Values returns November 5 on We TV. It is unclear whether Tamar and Adefeso’s troubles will play out as they have on her spinoff Get Ya Life.