Offset Is Begging Cardi B to Take Him Back and Not Go Through With the Divorce


Cardi B and Offset have become a prime example of a couple on or off. One minute, they love and chew each other and the next minute, Cardi filters for a divorce. Many fans thought Cardi would have the latest filing at the end of the pairing, but now Offset is doing what it can to get his wife back.

Anti-shock and Cardi B.
Offset and Cardi B Francis Specker / CBS through Getty Images

Cardi B and Offset smart relationship

Cardi and Offset met while working on her song “Lick” together. Their relationship grew rapidly and they secretly married in Cardi’s bedroom in 2017. The next year was full of ups and downs for the couple. Cardi gave birth to their daughter Kulture, but she also broke up with Offset.

“Yes [nobody’s] fault, I believe we grew out of love, but we are no longer together, ”she said in a video.

“So everyone has been bothering me and everything and you know I’ve been trying to work out with my baby’s dad for a hot moment. -now, ”she said. “We’re great friends and we’re great business partners – you know he’s always someone I talk to, and we loved each other a lot – but things haven’t been. working between us for a long time.

The two eventually worked and got back together.

“Offset is the best carrier right now,” said a source near Offset HollywoodLife. “He’s doing his best to prove to Cardi that he’s worth it. He knows he ‘s not perfect, but he really feels that he and Cardi belong together and he puts all the focus on her. He was miserable without her and knows he is luckier to have a woman like her so he is just doing what he can to convince her not to go through with the divorce.

“Right now he’s just, very happy to be able to spend time with her again, he hated being apart from her,” the source said. “She is the only woman he loves. He loves everything about her. She is so talented and fun and has such a big heart and moreover, she is the best mother to Kulture. He cannot imagine his life without his wife. “

His efforts may not be in vain as the pair were spotted kissing at her Oct. 10 birthday party.