‘Chicago Fire’: The Fire Station Will Look Different Next Season


Fire Chicago is a well-known American drama and action series, created by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt. Dick Wolf, famous for Law & Order and his many spinoffs, making the show stand out. The show follows the personal and working lives of various paramedics and rescuers assigned at Fire 51, a branch of the Chicago Fire Department.

Fire Chicago reflecting the difficult and sometimes deadly situations that firefighters have to deal with on a daily basis. The display also highlights the relationships between the firefighters and other first responders. The staff at Firehouse 51 work together as a family; they fight and care for each other according to their duty.

(LR) Eamonn Walker as Battalion Commander Wallace Boden, Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett in office on 'Chicago Fire
(LR) Eamonn Walker as Battalion Commander Wallace Boden, Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett | Matt Dinerstein / Getty Images

Fire Chicago it is famous for being real

The action series stars Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker, Monica Raymund, among others. The actors have undergone in-depth training with active and retired firefighters on how to handle intense fire situations, various fire equipment, and other hazardous environments.

In the training sessions, the actors handle real situations. They need to learn how to put on protective gear and get into locked areas. Moreover, in the throwing, Fire Chicago adding real-life professional firefighters. Tony Ferraris is an example of an active Chicago firefighter who stars on the show.

Professional firefighters credit the show for showing astronomy in its events. The Fire Chicago layers sometimes show real fires, filmed on what is known as a ‘burn rate’, in some scenes, depending on ASC. In addition to putting out fires, the responders from Firehouse 51 also respond to a number of other emergencies from being crushed by various objects to helicopter crashes and natural disasters, just to name a few.

Fire Chicago season 8 ended early

Filming in the Season 9 series deviates from the norm due to the pandemic. All test members must take a test before the filming sessions begin. Some famous members like Annie Ilonzeh will not be appearing regularly in the new season. Adriyan Rae, lead actor in the series Light as a feather, there will be a regular series next season. Daniel Kyrl, a young firefighter, has risen to regular rank. Despite the epidemics and the changes it will bring, the new season is certainly exciting, and fans should expect more from their favorite spectators and the city of Chicago.