Anderson Cooper Teases Andy Cohen After the Bravo Host Posts Hilarious Throwback Photo


Anderson Cooper can’t resist a little naturalism, at least when it comes to his friend Andy Cohen. After a guest Bravo threw a funny funny picture of himself Instagram, anchored CNN in the comments, where it gave Cohen a bit of a grin about his hairstyle.

Andy Cohen shares a photo of himself chatting with Sally Jessy Raphael

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the image, posted by Cohen on October 14, he talks to Sally Jesse Raphael, a guest of a legendary show. Cohen did not provide any context for the picture, but it does look like he is a member of the audience of a conversational show that asks a question of a guest.

The young Cohen sports a button-down shirt and dark, slow-flowing hair tied back in a ponytail. It is not clear when it happened, but some beginners thought it may have been sometime in the 1980s when Raphael was hosting her show. out of St. Louis, the town where Cohen was raised.

Anderson Cooper can’t resist referring to Cohen’s hair

After Cohen shared the image on social media, several of his famous friends joined. “Wow !!!” comedian Amy Sedaris, and Teresa Giudice a Real New Jersey Housewives just responded with the emoji fire. Cooper also measured inwards.

“Wow…. did you slip your hair over and pull it into your ponytail? ” he asked.

“There were. I used a lot of cups of gel, ”Cohen replied.

Several Cohen fans shared who they thought was the Watch what’s happening live similar guest. There was something like “Antonio Banderas meets a colonial foot soldier,” and others compared him to Steven Seagal, Eddie Munster, and Gaston from Beauty and the beast.

“You are the original Fabio and I am here for him. More of this content please, ”wrote White collaris Matt Bomer.

Cohen and Cooper recently spent some time with their children in the playground

Andy Cohen and Anderson Coopers
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper with their sons Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A few days before the flashback post Cohen, e we shared a picture of himself and Cooper hanging out in New York.

“Playground Fathers!” he resigned. Cohen has a son, Benjamin, born in February 2019. Cooper welcomed his son Wyatt in April 2020. Cooper has stated that he has been receiving parenting suggestions from his friend.

“It’s been inspiring to me all along,” Cooper said in his appearance The Late Show with Stephen Colbert shortly after the birth of his son. “I knew that if he could do it, it was that kind of thing that made me push the last push.”

“It has helped me a lot because my son is completely wearing handicrafts from Andy Cohen’s son,” Cooper said. “I’m really cheap, I like good value … it’s a pandemic, I was planning on sort of going to buy, which I hate to do… so he gave me all the clothes. ”

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