‘The Family Chantel’: Royal Isn’t Happy About His New Wife Getting Drunk With Chantel


Fian 90 days Chantel stars Everett and Pedro Jimeno returned for more in-laws drama than ever before at first glance The Elements of the Family season 2 on Oct. 12. This season, much of the family’s conflict will reach new heights as Chantel’s older brother, Royal Everett, returns to Atlanta with his new bride, Angenette.

Like Pedro and Chantel, Royal and Angenette – ten years younger than him and belonging to the Philippines – tied the knot through a K-1 spice visa.

Despite the similarities between their love stories, Chantel told TLC producers that she still did not trust her brother’s new bride. On a girls night out with her sister Winter Everett on the first look of the season The Elements of the Family, Chantel became suspicious when she saw her brother ‘s infamous reaction on his wife’ s party night.

Chantel invited Angenette to a girls night at the club

After working and going to school in Texas, Royal returned to the state of his home in Georgia with a new bride. After meeting on social media, Royal and Angenette talked for about a year – and praised his much younger wife on his first trip to the Philippines.

On premiere of the season of The Elements of the Family, Chantel invited her new sister-in-law to a girls’ night with Winter, apparently to make her move to the US easier Fian 90 days a star admitted she had other reasons as well.

“I don’t feel like she’s showing her true self,” Chantel said skeptically of Angenette. “I think she’s just doing her best to give my mum and dad a good idea. I feel like I need to get closer to her to protect my brother. ”

Regarding Angenette, she told TLC representatives that she wanted to “connect” with Winter and Chantel on the night out at the club. But her husband was not at all happy about her party plans.

“Royal told me it’s okay to go out, but not drink too much,” Angenette laughed. Fian 90 days representatives. “He doesn’t want me to get drunk and he can’t walk.” (Still, she smiled at one producer, she thought that was what was going to happen that night.)

Angenette said this is her first time drinking alcohol

Angenette, Winter, and Chantel all arrived at the club ready and ready to dance with Chantel’s friends. And after a few mixed drinks – which, Royal wife said, were like the first biscuits of hard drink – things started to fall apart.

However, Angenette wasn’t as happy with Chantel and Winter’s idea of ​​a girl’s night. She admitted Fian 90 days representatives that she would prefer to be somewhere “peaceful” and less stormy for a longer conversation with her sisters-in-law.

“Honestly, I don’t get to know them better by just dancing in a club and drinking with them,” lamented Royal wife.

Royal looked to take his wife home after she was too confident to love him

Shortly afterwards, her husband stopped the women’s night. Chantel’s brother, who walked into the club only to see his sister flying in a hut, looked to gather his wife and take her home.

Clearly frustrated, Royal told Chantel in an uncertain position that he was taking Angenette home.

“It looks like she might be a little too drunk right now,” he said of his wife.

Chantel followed her older brother out into the car to confront him for ruining their sport. “We were having a great time! ”An Fian 90 days asked the star, saying the night’s activity was completely “innocent.” ”But Royal was getting nothing out of it.

Chantel wondered if Royal trusted his wife

Pedro and Chantel suspected that Royal may have appeared at the club out of envy or because of a property climb.

“I feel like Royal just didn’t want her out in any environment where she could be around other boys,” Chantel told him. Fian 90 days representatives.

Plus, she mused, she had never seen her brother work like this with his partners before. The change in behavior surprised her if Royal did not trust Angenette – perhaps because she was still sending messages to other American men when the couple met online. first.

Meanwhile, Royal followed Angenette (who said she had had “just one drink” at the club) on the way home. He said she had not worked as “a married man should work” when she drank and danced at the club.

“Girls ‘nights are girls’ nights, but it’s important that you behave as an individual,” Royal told his sheep wife.

Angenette asked her husband if he hadn’t found his sister Chantel classy, ​​and his answer was “no.”

“I really don’t see Chantel as classy at all,” Royal said.

Preview for later events of The Elements of the Family Angenette, Royal, and Chantel showed up at weird times over the night of twerking at the club, so it looks like the girls’ night drama is just the beginning of many arguments related to the -this season.