Max Ehrich Spotted Cozying Up With ‘American Idol’ Alum Sonika Vaid Following Demi Lovato Split


Already moving forward?

After previously expressing his sadness at his recent split from pop star Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich seems to have overcome his heartbreak as he now spend some quality time with a new girl. So does this mean he’s finally on Lovato? Here’s all we know so far about the actor’s recent tour.

Max Ehrich
Max Ehrich | Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

Ehrich was recently spotted on the town with singer Sonika Vaid

It feels like not a day has passed that Ehrich’s weird behavior hasn’t thrown the internet full of spins.

Between crying in public on the beach where he praised Lovato and calling him out on Instagram, the actor has certainly kept fans on toes while he and the saga break the day. -singer.

But he seems to be taking a break from kissing for the attention of the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer at the moment as he has recently been seen enjoying a night out with him. American Idol alum Sonika Vaid.

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On 13 October, The Young and the Restless actor taken to Instagram for a picture from their fun ride. In the photo, Ehrich was all smiling as he put his arm around Vaid, while the latter looked over her shoulder.

While the picture inspired a profiteering that Ehrich is dating Vaid, the singer clarified that she and the actress are just friends.

“I recently met Max at dinner with friends,” Vaid said E! News. “It was a fun night and we all had to hang out and go to the studio together. ”

She said, “We’ve been hanging out ever since and having fun.”

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato ended their short-term promise

The pair’s night out comes just weeks after Ehrich and Lovato canceled their pledge after just two months.

Since news of their split made headlines, the actor has expressed his deep regret at the breakup. Not only did he claim he learned he was involved through tabloids, but Ehrich also prayed for Lovato’s forgiveness and for bringing her back to Instagram.

He was recently photographed sinking on the beach where he recommended Lovato. Although he seemed to be in despair as he sat in the sand, the internet was convinced that he had set the gloomy scene and called out for attention. .

While not afraid to give heartbreak over the separation he and Lovato made, the singer has been tight on her personal life.

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Although she has been active on social media, the Disney Channel alum has yet to publicly address her breakup from Ehrich.

However, sources have recently revealed how she really feels about her ex – boyfriend’s behavior – and let’s face it, she’s not too happy with it right now.

Where are the current affairs between Ehrich and Lovato?

According to a recent report by E! News, things between Lovato and Ehrich are anything but friendly.

Insiders told the rebel that the singer is “getting all sorts of cases with Max without leaving him alone” and that he is “now in contact with lawyers on what which should be done. ”

Weeks later, individual sources shared that Lovato “does not want any contact with Max at this stage,” and that she “Absolutely ashamed” with what he has done recently.

“She doesn’t want to do anything with it,” said the insider.

Hopefully, now that Ehrich is hanging out with someone new, he and Lovato will be able to move on with life – because we wouldn’t want this situation to be worse than it is. it already.