‘Big Brother 22’: Why Houseguests Probably Won’t Compete in Hide and Go Veto This Season


The power of Veto and the luxury hide and Go Veto competition first appeared Big Brother 8 before it becomes a recycling competition in BB17. The housewives must hide their POV cards and avoid anyone else who finds them to win. While BB22 on the inclusion of major tournaments such as Otev, it looks like not all stars will get the chance to rip the house up in this season ‘s image match.

Bayleigh Dayton holds the POV medal at the Veto - Mama Mia Madness Competition
Bayleigh Dayton holds POV medal at Veto – Mama Mia Madness | CBS

Hide and Go Veto on ‘Big Brother’

Power of Veto, Hide and Go Veto, or Hide and Seek Veto, a powerful and recurring contest, requires every housewife to hide a card anywhere in the house. After that, the players enter the house on their own and find a card for a specific time.

As soon as all but one of the cards are found, the guest displays the names inside each card. Whoever hasn’t been found wins the POV. The competition went out Big Brother 8 in the first week, and was won by runner Dani Briones (then Donato).

He came back for BB12 and BB16 as a luxury tournament before returning as a regular POV tournament next season. James Huling won the Hide and Go Veto BB17, a clutch effect that saved him from being dismantled that week.

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The following season, Paulie Calafiore got the win, and Jason Dent joined BB19. Brett Robinson built the POV effect BB20 in his same contest, successfully saving himself from eviction.

Hide and Go Veto returned for BB21, in which Tommy Bracco won. Like the first-person who entered the house or won Otev, the winner of this tournament did not go on to win the season.

Hide and Go Veto does not appear in ‘Big Brother 22’

The image contest usually takes place around Week 7 or 8, and many homeowners, as well as fans, are looking forward to watching the housemates tearing the house trying to get the cards.

However, the BB22 it seems that not all the stars will be competing in Hide and Go Veto because of COVID-19. During Week 5, Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry discussed their strategy and talked about upcoming tournaments while sitting in the hail.

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She said while they are likely to compete in Otev or the slip-and-slide tournament, they may not go off in the staple Hide and Go Veto. Nicole explained a production member enters the house and removes each housewife’s hidden card, so that they don’t unknowingly find someone else’s card while hiding their table.

The reps then replace the cards after everyone has chosen their hiding place. Therefore, she does not think that they will compete in Hide and Go Veto because of the amount of production involved.

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Due to the current COVID-19 protocols that restrict staff and crew from entering and leaving the house, the exhibition may have to surpass the main competition. this year. Big Brother 22: All-Stars air Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8 / 7c on CBS.

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