Why Paris Hilton Is Demanding This Utah School Be Shut Down


YouTube recently released a documentary on Paris Hilton with the title This is Paris. In the feature film, Hilton recounts a difficult experience from her past at a youth treatment center. This is why the entrepreneur and former reality star wants that facility to be shut down forever.

In the Paris Hilton documentary, the fragrant and makeup mogul reminds us of terrible memories at a young age.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton at the Fashion For Relief Cannes 2018 event | YANN COATSALIOU / AFP via Getty Images

Hilton’s recent YouTube documentary This is Paris reflects a completely different view of the media personality than many people have seen before. The former star of the reality show The Simple Life recounts her traumatic history of being sent to a behavior change school in Provo Canyon, Utah, as a teenager. In This is Paris, Hilton recalls a fertile experience in her 11 months at school, where counselors would monitor the use of the teenage bathroom and shower, and use them verbally. She also says the staff puts her loneliness as a solitary style.

After checking out the dock, businessman and tattoo artist Kat Von D followed up Instagram post, gives a detailed Hilton-like detail. Von D’s parents also sent her to Provo Canyon for 6 months, which the LA Ink star says gave her “major PTSD”.

“… They were definitely the worst six months of my life,” she said in the Instagram video.

Other Provo Canyon alumni cite similar allegations

However, it is not just celebrities who have spoken out against the school. The facility has been open for 50 years, and Provo Canyon has been alarmed by a series of allegations.

“A pattern of controversy and allegations of abuse stretches from the 1980s to the present day at one of Utah’s largest youth residential treatment centers,” he said. Salt Lake Tribune recitation.

Provo Canyon has remained open amid “numerous lawsuits” and even “state threats to withdraw its license.”

The publication spoke to 8 alumni of Provo Canyon, stating their claims were very similar to Hilton and Von D. Per the Trib:

They discussed physical restrictions again, with up to 10 employees boring young children. Some of them were under chemical control, or so overweight they felt like a zombie. Others talked about being left in loneliness rooms for days after being in trouble for things like not getting out of bed or wanting a respirator.

Von D said in her Instagram post that Provo Canyon is trying to relinquish its responsibility by commenting on a change in school ownership since the two entrepreneurs made up.

Per FOX, Provo Canyon reported on their website stating that “former owners sold the school in 2000.”

“We are committed to providing high quality care for young people with special, often complex, emotional, behavioral and mental health needs,” they continued.

But that doesn’t speak to the fact that these schools – in which there are several, operating across the US (Hilton has attended several of its own) – are centers for profit. Meaning: they make money on troubled teenagers and their parents worry about their children.

Paris Hilton is now openly protesting against the school in Utah

According to FOX, Hilton recently took her efforts from the screen to the real world, directing a personal complaint against Provo Canyon.

Hilton and other activists wore T-shirts decorated with the words “survivor” and “code-breaker.” The latter, FOX reports, “refers to Hilton’s new campaign to shed light on what she believes to be a corrupt business that treats and influences parents. on young people. ”

Speaking to other campaigners, Hilton said:

It’s something so sad that you don’t even want to think it’s true. It is something that will block my memory forever.