Why Dave Grohl Rarely Talks About Kurt Cobain’s Final Days: ‘Things Got Weird Toward the End’


Kurt Cobain’s death is considered one of the greatest tragedies ever in the history of rock music. Nirvana, a Cobain band with drummer Dave Grohl (now of the Foo Fighters) and bassist Krist Novoselic were on track for decades of success. To the panic of fans around the world, it came to an end in April 1994, when Cobain took his own life.

For years, Grohl has insisted that no one saw the suicide coming and that the story makes the band look darker than they really were. But he has also mentioned on one or two occasions just how strange things were near the end of Cobain ‘s life and the band’ s final days together. So what has Grohl said and why doesn’t he talk so often about it?

Dave Grohl a little laugh on stage holding guitar
Dave Grohl | Emma MacIntyre / Getty Images

Nirvana was the biggest name in rock music when Kurt Cobain died

When Nirvana hit him hard, they hit him hard. They were largely successful overnight. They were also a young band, so Grohl has described their meteoric rise as a real shock for all three of them. In fact, Grohl has gone on the record before saying it was really too much of a good thing all at once. He once said in an interview, “Unfortunately, Nirvana grew too fast… Bands like families that go through uncomfortable pain are growing, and if it all happens at the same time , it’s too much to handle, ”he said Diffuser.

Even though Grohl referred to the Kurt Cobain he knew as a goofy, warm, and easy-to-hang-out friend, there is no doubt that such a quick weight added so many worse impressions. on Cobain, as he was prone to heroin abuse. For his part, Grohl stopped making drugs after he became a teenager, according to iHeartso the different lifestyles between the band members were also a source of tension.

Dave Grohl remembers things being pretty rough before the crash went down

One reason Grohl talks so infrequently about the time just before Cobain’s death is that he was honestly very harsh. Tensions between Cobain and his band revolved around both Cobain’s drug addiction and the fact that Cobain’s marriage was often volatile with Courtney Love causing pressure on the band itself, according to Rock Society. For Grohl, all of these experiences are intimate and linked to hard personal loss – as anyone else might, he doesn’t want to have to share that fragile piece of his memories with him. the world just because it is famous.

Other than that, things seemed to be pretty weird in the last days. Their last ever show was in Munich, Germany and Cobain ended up doing a rematch when they returned home, only to fly back to his home in Seattle later that week. . As Grohl put it, “things got weird near the end,” so he still doesn’t like it when that time is taken up in interviews.

Grohl has been working hard to move forward with his career in his own way

Even though Grohl now has a distance between himself and these events, he said he couldn’t even watch Montage of Heck, the documentary that came out about Cobain a few years ago, according to Rolling Stone. He has processed death in time in his own ways (such as writing the song “Friend of a Friend” about Cobain) and has directed his energy to form his own band, Foo Fighters , very successful, but the memories are still sad.

Grohl has certainly succeeded, however, with the Foo Fighters now one of the biggest bands in the world, proving that Cobain was not the only one in Nirvana to have the factor “it”. When the final world starts going to concerts again, you can bet that Foo Fighters will be touring. It is encouraging that Dave Grohl has made such a successful place for himself in music history even after overcoming a loser like the end of Nirvana.

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