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‘The Crown’: Claire Foy Had Second Thoughts About Playing Queen Elizabeth II — ‘I Felt I’d Made the Worst Mistake of My Life’


Claire Foy is the OG Queen Elizabeth II The Crown. The 36-year-old actor showed the director of the British royal family in the first two seasons of the original Netflix series.

Claire Foy attends BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party | Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

However, the experience was not crown jewels and corgis. Foy found herself in a difficult situation on the first day of filming and as a result she wondered if she had made a mistake in entering the program.

Claire Foy did not immediately reach the place of Queen Elizabeth II

Foy shines like the queen inside The Crown but she almost missed the opportunity to play the monarch. Peter Morgan, creator of the The Crown, told Variety in 2016 he relinquished his options before landing on Foy.

“I tried to throw almost everyone in Britain before Claire Foy,” he said. “It was weird. Every time I read through where we were doing auditions for ‘The Queen,’ I was intrigued by the A or BI actress jumping out where Claire was. ”

Until one good day in throwing the queen’s job, Foy caught Morgan’s attention.

“After about the fourth hour I went, ‘This man is mad, who is this? And they said, ‘Pete, she’ s been there four times. And you’ve gone for a famous actor, “he said, adding that Foy was” like a queen “and” extremely effective. ”