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Jenelle Evans Calls ‘Teen Mom’ Producers Shady While Defending Donald Trump


Jenelle Evans has made it clear how she feels about television. The previous one Mom deugaire 2 star has been vocal about feeling like it was edited and not properly represented on the MTV show. Now, she’s yelling at the show’s producers for being a shadow.

Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

Why isn’t Jenelle Evans on ‘Teen Mom’ anymore?

Evans’ husband, David Eason, was shot Mom deugaire 2 in 2018 after making several homophobic statements. Evans was allowed to stay on the show until 2019 when Eason shot a dog in front of their children.

He opened up about the event in the YouTube video, I have something to say.

“She was a dear dog to me, but she didn’t like our children at all,” said Eason. “I loved the dog, the children enjoyed it. But she did not like the children. Whenever we took a video of the kids riding their bikes, playing outside, we had to delete the video, even not being able to post it because she didn’t play nice. She would bite their legs, she would bite the wheels on the bicycle. She wasn’t always brutal, but she had a lot of brutal things. She really meant kinda. We put up with it for a long time. ”

Will Jenelle Evans return to television?

Since being shot from the show, Evans has been making YouTube videos to discover her side of the story. Even still, fans have been wondering if Evans will ever return to television television. She has some projects in the works at the moment but she has yet to find out if they will be on TV or not.

“I have no opinion Mama deugaire and I don’t know anything about my own show, but I know I’ve talked to special people here or there, ”she said recently in YouTube video. “Not to say it is MTV or who it is but we will see if something works out in the future. I do not know.”

“CPS came to the care of the day and of course they asked a number of questions, interviewed Kaiser and did not tell her the details of that interview or any allegations or concerns they had,” he continued. in her.

After the video went public, Trump tweeted about going to North Carolina, to which Evans addressed he replied, asking for help.

“You should help me study CPS in my area,” she wrote.