‘General Hospital’: Sofia Mattsson’s Favorite Pandemic Dish Is Related to a Popular Disney Film


Pandemic (COVID-19) infection has forced many people to stay at home instead of going outside. For those who have a lot of time on their hands, the pandemic has provided a great opportunity to learn new things.

General Hospital Sofia Mattsson star, who plays Sasha Gilmore, has been learning new ships in recent months. She also once shared a food that has become one of her favorites, and fans may be surprised to learn that it is related to the popular Disney movie.

Sofia Mattsson on General Hospital
Sofia Mattsson on General Hospital ABC / Valerie Durant

Sofia Mattsson joined the ‘General Hospital’ team in 2018

Mattsson grew up in Sweden and moved to the US when she was 19 to pursue acting. Her older sister, Helena, was already in Hollywood, having appeared on shows such as Emergency housewives, Mistresses, and The American Horror Story.

When Mattsson first retained Sasha’s post in 2018, she initially thought she would only be on display for a while.

“First, I reappeared. I really thought I would be there for, like, three events, ”she said Soap Opera Summary. “I think my character, Sasha, thought she would be in town for a minute too! ”

Luckily for Mattsson, she continued to receive invitations back to General Hospital. Her career as Sasha, a young woman paid for as the daughter of the long-lost Nina Reeves, kept her around Port Charles for a time. After that, she was given a more permanent job in the city as a makeup brand makeup face. Her personal life got involved with other characters as well.

Sofia Mattsson also owns a handbag business with her sister

Mattsson has been doing a lot through the pandemic, including cooking new dishes. In an interview with Hollywood Hi, she talked about this experience and even shared her favorite Disney-related dish.

“I’ve learned to relax more,” Matsson said. “I’ve also come to understand how nice it is to cook at home. I used to eat out a lot but quarantine leads to a lot of cooking which was a lot of fun and I learned new flavors. My favorite is Ratatouille! ”

In addition, Mattsson has also been trying to be active by walking or running outdoors. She also grabbed old classic movies and played board games.