Cardi B Teases a New Collaboration That Some Fans Think Will Feature Nicki Minaj


Cardi B has been working hard for months after her first Grammy-winning debut Attack on privacy. In the meantime, she has been touting fans with songs like Anitta’s “Me Gusta” and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”. Next it seems to be a new collaboration that some fans think will introduce Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B.
Cardi B on the red carpet at an award show in June 2019 in Beverly Hills, California | Leon Bennett / WireImage

Cardi B recently started a new collaboration on Twitter

The idea came on October 8 when Cardi B took to Twitter to respond to a fan question. The man mentioned a picture of Cardi B in a hot pink suit with her hair in a suit, asking, “Okay what was this looking for?”

The rapper angrily hit back in a now deleted tweet that said (via Ace Showbiz): “None of your fking business is cking! Stop doing that sh * t! Let me work f * ckng! Why would I let you know what I do so that people who are not f * ck with me know what I am doing? … See how that makes sense? Huh? ”

The response left many social media users criticizing Cardi B, including some Nicki Minaj fans, known as the Barbs. Without going back, the rapper followed “Be careful” on Twitter, saying: “If I want to come and f * cking something to tell my fans, I will. Many artists want to do the same. The only difference is that they are afraid of f * cking to replace fans. I don’t care. ”

Her posts continued to meet more and more backlash, especially from the Barbs, before she shared a tweet that said, “Since I’m crazy .. give me something crazy to be about… ..Yes the next single and coll-…. I’m sick… .sin ya here 😉😉😉😉 ”

Since then, the rappers have called for a break, and Cardi B even praised Nicki Minaj in an interview in August. However, there is no word on whether they cooperate in the work.

While many fans think they do, other fans thought Cardi B could work with Rihanna, Doja Cat, Camilla Cabello, or Drake – something that could meet a backlash with his connections to Nicki Minaj. As for writing, Cardi B has yet to comment on the rumors.

Cardi B’s next album will be a bang, though,

Cardi B has previously reported this ELLE she has a very good and “different” record in the work. But unfortunately, it may be a while before fans get it. She has stated that she does not want to expel the plaque unless she can go round, which is almost impossible due to the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. But at least she gives us fun singles in the meantime.

Now, Alexa, play “WAP.”