‘The Vampire Diaries’ vs. ‘Lost’: Ian Somerhalder Would Turn Down This Role if He Were Forced to Choose


Lead actor Ian Somerhalder is best known for roles in not one, but two drama series. With both Lost and The Vampire’s Diary in his retrospective, the actor opened up about the show he would choose if he could just star in one of them.

John Somerhalder
John Somerhalder | Jim Spellman / Getty Images

Fans recognize Ian Somerhalder for his lead roles on ‘Lost’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Fans know Somerhalder from both ABCs Lost and the CW’s The Vampire’s Diary. Its part Lost the character, Boone, died in the first season. But he left a lasting impression on the series and even appeared in two shows last season. For the six-season run, Lost it was a cultural thing that created an incredible excitement.

Somerhalder was a star like Damon The Vampire’s Diary for the entire eight-season run. The supernatural series led young actors to a stratospheric reputation. Plus, an avid fan is still following.

Ian Somerhalder gave honest answers to ‘Thirst Trap’

“I would choose Vampire Diary over Lost for the Vampire Diary… Well, I was at number three on the call page, and then Nina [Dobrev] leave, and I technically came to two. And on Lost, I think I was 10, and they killed me in season 1. So I go with it Vampire Diary. I caught people for eight years. Forward Lost, Well, I was killed. ”

Entering his curiosity, Somerhalder went ahead and grabbed the number 1 bullet in the lineup. “Now we’re breaking the rules of your game,” the star asked. “Battery stuff,” he won after finishing the drink, which featured margarita.

Somerhalder explained, “I didn’t have to take that picture. I just took the chance that there was no vodka. ”

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