Will Smith’s Green Car Collection Includes a $140K BMW


Will Smith is one of America’s favorite actors, a star of the film and recording industries. He has been nominated for several awards over his long career in Hollywood and is one of the most powerful businessmen in the entertainment community. Smith’s net worth has skyrocketed over the years, and the star has nothing to do with spending his hard-earned money. His car collection has become famous in Hollywood, and he has several incredibly expensive cars, including one BMW model that is both elegant and environmentally friendly.

Will Smith smiles, holding up a peace sign
Will Smith | Giuseppe Cacace / Getty Images

Will Smith first gained a reputation as a rapper

Will Smith was born in Philadelphia in 1968, and was a good high school student but chose to focus on music instead. He loved rapping and showed a natural talent for rhyme and dance. As a teenager, he started performing with his good friend, DJ Jazzy Jeff. By the late 1980s, Smith had been a major recording star, and producers were looking to him for an exciting new television opportunity. Prince Fresh Bel-Air debuted on television in 1990, featuring Smith alongside a talented team. The show ran for six successful years and was partly responsible for the launch of Smith’s film career.

Some of Smith’s famous early careers included parts Bad boys, Men in black, Independence Day, and Enemy of the State. Smith’s easy nature and charm was well-liked by critics, and was well received by listeners. Over the years, Smith has become an even bigger star, and has remained one of the most bankrupt stars in Hollywood. Always at the forefront of the business, Smith has overcome controversy and stayed on top, no matter what. Even when his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith came under scrutiny, Smith has remained above the lie, keeping him consistent in his connections with reporters and fans.

Will Smith has an amazing green car collection

Will Smith is a very wealthy man, thanks to his work in Hollywood over the years. While he funds a lot of money for various charitable causes, he is also a huge fan of exotic and luxury cars and has amassed a huge collection. The actor reportedly has a garage full of very expensive vehicles, including a 1965 red cherry Ford Mustang, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a two-story RV that has more than 1,200 floors.

However, the BMW I8 Hybrid is one of the most impressive vehicles in the Smith collection, an environmentally friendly ride with a base price of $ 140,000, according to The Things. Smith, a long-time environmental activist, tends to save the BMW for certain times and is known, according to the report, to drive around town in a Ford Taurus.

What is the net worth of Will Smith today?

While the BMW Will Smith features a $ 140,000 or more price tag, the actor is certainly able to afford it. According to Celebrity Net Worth, its net worth is approximately $ 350 million, which it has accumulated through its many business ventures as well as its film and music work. It doesn’t show that it’s getting slower, bigger – it has appeared in a number of major films in the last few years, including playing the Disney remake of Disney of lively classic of the nineties, Aladdin.

Nothing tells what lies ahead for Smith, but if there is one thing he has shown over the years, it is possible that he is able to resume himself, staying ahead of it. the loop on every movement.