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Why Lucille Ball’s Daughter Tells Aspiring Actors To Find a Different Profession–’Make Sure You Get a P*rno Tape Out There’


The display industry has changed a lot but since then I Love Lucy was on the air. Lucille Ball and her daughter, Lucie Arnaz, got two different versions of Hollywood. And as Arnaz reflects on the industry today, she doesn’t like what she sees. That’s why she urges actors to “change your mind” when they ask her for advice on breaking into a show business.

Ball Lucille with daughter Lucie Arnaz Vinnie Zuffante / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Why wouldn’t Lucie Arnaz ‘recommend anyone to get into show business

When Arnaz was interviewed by the Television Academy Foundation in 2016, she was asked what her advice was for actresses. First, she says she would try to convince them to find a different job.

“I think this industry has changed so much. I would not recommend anyone to go in there. There are half as many parts as we had when we were growing up, ”she said.

Arnaz notes that the rise of reality TV has to do with fewer parts for actors.

“There are all kinds of reality TVs now because that’s cheaper for everyone. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between a reality star and a reality star. So why are you working so hard? Make sure you get an ap * rno tape out right away. That will help, ”she said homosexually. “I mean, as you can see, I’m a little bit, just – I’m bored with the industry right now.”

Lucie Arnaz says actors must follow the industry for the right reasons, or ‘they may be drug addicts’

Arnaz says that new actors need to ask themselves: “Are you here to become a star?”

“If so, you’re going to be very embarrassed and you may end up a drug addict because that’s not going to solve your problems,” she said. “Whatever you’re looking for now, that’s not going to be filled with whatever that is. It’s going to get worse. ”

But for those who have heeded Arnaz’s warnings about the current industry and still want to pursue acting, she says the key to success never ceases. A good day’s work will also not hurt.

“You have to be better than you like anything else. And then, if you do, you do it and you never give up. Do not stop. Just keep plugging forward and go to the next test and keep laughing. Have something you can trust, some spirituality or some bigger belief system than me, and a good day’s work, ”she said. “We know this business will always be here, but we have a hundred and fifty million people trying to get in and it’s alive and well. ”