‘The Office’: An Unaired Take of Jim Seeing Dwight and Angela Kissing Was ‘Too Much’


Fans don’t always see what the team members are up to The Office film. Angela Kinsey, played by Angela Martin, revealed she had the appearance of a steam kiss. But it was cut because the director thought it was too much.

Jim catches Dwight and Angela kisses ‘The Office’

Wilson is known to be preparing to add fun to scenes. But there was one time he made more of a sweet moment to help Kinsey.

This happened while he was filming in “A Benihana Christmas. ”Angela was supposed to sing“ The Little Drummer Boy ”on a karaoke machine in the office. But Kinsey was terribly sad to sing.

“I shared with Rainn how scared I was,” Kinsey told another program of the Office ladies podcast. She said Wilson took the microphone from her, went down on her knee, and beat her to sing for the song.

“Suddenly I was not alone. Rainn was with me, ”said Kinsey. The sweet scene works because the characters have a secret relationship as well.

Wilson and Kinsey apparently had fun filming together. Sadly, fans may never see their more horrible kiss look.