Mark Ruffalo Says He Went to Almost 1,000 Auditions Before Making It Big in Hollywood


Mark Ruffalo is a household name. He has taken all sorts of work, from indie movies, to romantic comedies. Now, he’s a superhero.

Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner, also known as the Incredible Hulk, in the Marvel cinematic hemisphere. The blockbuster role is the dream of any actor. Ruffalo will have appeared in several Marvel films at this stage, and the opportunities for the role are endless.

But it wasn’t just the Hulk who landed in Ruffalo’s lap. He worked hard to get where he is today, and so successful came with many rejections.

Mark Ruffalo passed at least 800 trials

Marc Ruffalo
Marc Ruffalo Photos by Daniel Boczarski / Getty

Ruffalo worked as a surrogate while trying to get his big break. It took about 10 years. Actor Hulk says he went around 800 tests. Not all of them were fruitless. Ruffalo was able to complete a few careers during that time. But that was not what he wanted to do.

according to IMDb, Ruffalo had a number of minor responsibilities during the 1990s. He would play one arcs program in TV shows, and made a few short films and features, but not as the star.

While many actors make their living this way, Ruffalo did not want to be one of them. He dreamed of winning awards and participating in stars. Fortunately, in one of those 800 trials, Ruffalo met director Kenneth Lonergan.

He concluded that what he needed was a break.

Kenneth Lonergan gave Mark Ruffalo a big break

In 2000, Ruffalo starred in Lonergan You can count on me. That ended up as a dream job for Ruffalo. It was still relatively unknown, and in a way Lonergan was.

Although the director was well known for writing and producing plays, this was his first time writing and directing a film. You can count on me there was a cry far from The Incredible Hulk, according to industry standards. It was a low-budget indie film, though Ruffalo would appear opposite Laura Linney, who had more acting credentials than he did at the time.

Linney and Ruffalo play an orphaned brother and sister as children. Ruffalo loved the lines that Lonergan incorporated into his script. The subtext allowed Ruffalo to demonstrate his skills, and he certainly did. The film, no matter how small and low budget, put it on the radar.

Although Ruffalo did not receive major nominations for the film, Lonergan was nominated for an Academy Award, as was Linney. The film also took home a major award at the Sundance Film Festival. But Ruffalo has now won the nominations and awards.

Mark Ruffalo has been nominated for three Oscars

Although Ruffalo has yet to take home the gold statue, he has been nominated for three Academy Awards. He received a nod from the Academy for his role in the 2010 film The kids are fine.

Recorded, Ruffalo returns to the heavy-handed acting he did for Lonergan. He plays a sperm donor who helps a child lesbian couple, then he is invited to join their family.

In 2014, he was nominated for an actor’s best performance in a supporting role again, for his career there Foxcatcher. Am biopic Lights he got another of those nominations, but unfortunately not a win.

He still has a long career ahead of him, and plenty of time to win the Academy Award. But he has won other prestigious awards, including two Emmy awards. He won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie in 2014 for The Normal Heart, in which he made a star.

Then, just this year, he won another Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series or Movie in. I know this level is true.

While Ruffalo’s best work has yet to be recognized by the Academy Awards or Golden Globes, he is certainly enjoying it.