Mariah Carey Finally Explains Her Infamous 2001 Appearance on ‘TRL’: ‘It Was a Stunt Gone Awry, As We Say’


Mariah Carey finally lets us in on that one thing we never thought possible. No, not her rumored relationship with Eminem or her drama with Jennifer Lopez, but that infamous look on Full live application (TRL) in 2001.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey on the red carpet Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Mariah Carey’s appearance on ‘TRL’ was disastrous

At the time, the 31-year-old was then promoting her semi-autobiographical film Glitter and his soundtrack, which featured the lead song “Loverboy,” a dance track that sampled Cameo’s 1986 “Candy.”

Host Carson Daly had been doing his usual thing when Carey broke in, putting out an ice cream bin in an oversized shirt with the word “Loverboy.” While ecstatic fans saw it, Daly looked horrible, saying he had no idea she was coming.

“I just thought I’d surprise you,” she said as he joined him on stage. “I have a present for you … I gave you a present – this is this shirt,” she continued, taking off the top to reveal a green halter top with tiny gold trousers. Carey continued to work erroneously from there as Daly unsuccessfully tried to take a commercial break.

“Mariah Carey walked in with a T-shirt on, pushing an ice cream bin, unbeknownst to me… Mariah Carey lost her mind. I don’t know what exactly is going on here. I was going to a commercial break … and I can hear her singing for ice cream, ”he told cameras as she walked backwards.

Just over a week later, she was hospitalized for what her spokesperson told the Associated Press as an “emotional and physical breakdown” (via Account Board). Editing, Carey said she was exhausted from the intensity and pressure of its work schedule. She would also admit in 2018 that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder that same year.

Fortunately, things have turned around for Mariah Carey since then

Fortunately, Glitter There has been a more optimistic reception in the years since its release. The album even topped iTunes in 2018, thanks to fans who launched the #JusticeforGlitter campaign on Twitter. The “Like That” singer marked the event on her personal account, sharing a series of uplifting emojis in a tweet.

Carey has also been successful in other music projects – since 2005’s Mimi was released to 2018’s Warning.