‘Deadpool 3’ Will Reportedly Be the Beginning of a ‘Twisted Friendship’ Between the Merc With a Mouth and a Familiar MCU Villain


Despite the various rumors, Deadpool 3 totally coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is according to a new report which states that “the creative engines are starting to regenerate” for the expected third installment. An informative messenger also reveals that the Merc With A Mouth will begin a “complicated relationship” with an experienced MCU villain.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds | Nathan Congleton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Deadpool’ will remain at level R in solo films

As fans know, the MCU likes to keep their movies family-friendly – especially since they’re under the shadow of Disney. All films in the first three grades received a PG-13 rating. But now that Disney has teamed up with Fox, they’ve acquired the character rights on the R-level Deadpool.

The first two films Fox made with the character had F-bombs, inappropriate webbing, and plenty of violence. according to Geekosity editor-in-chief Mikey Sutton, that won’t change now that Deadpool is part of the MCU. At least in the solo movies.

“When it bothers the Avengers or Spider-Man, Deadpool PG-13 will be just like it is in Marvel Comics,” Sutton writes. “However, when Deadpool mocks itself, it’s going to be at level R with the 20th Century Studios logo hiding that Disney is in control of this punk.”

There is no director or screenwriter attached Deadpool 3 just yet, as the project is at an early stage of development. However, Sutton promises that the film is coming. There is also the potential for it to be part of a major multi-image deal between Marvel and Ryan Reynolds.

The Merc With A Mouth will begin a ‘complex relationship’ with an experienced MCU speaker

As Sutton points out, it will take months – sometimes years – for Marvel studio head Kevin Feige to design the direction of each character in the MCU.

“You will not Endgame without mapping it from the beginning, Point A to Point Z, ”Sutton explained.

Neither Feige nor anyone else at Marvel has commented on the fate of the Deadpool character. However, attackers have said he will meet Taskmaster to fight in Deadpool 3.

How did Deadpool upset Taskmaster? By dancing the Macarena. When Taskmaster starts complaining about not being able to copy Deadpool, he is knocked to the floor. He then told Deadpool, “You can’t.”

Fans will have to wait to see if Taskmaster struggles to imitate Deadpool in the MCU as it does in the comics. Le Deadpool 3 so early in production, the wait may be at least two years.