‘The Vampire Diaries’: Ian Somerhalder Revealed the Character He Would Ax From the Show


The Vampire’s Diary retired in 2017, but many are still fascinated by the characters and actors they played. And when it comes to fan fiction, the internet is always alive with “what if?” situations. With that in mind, The Vampire’s Diary star Ian Somerhalder explained what he would change about the story. In particular, he revealed what character he would be eating and why.

John Somerhalder on The Diary of the Vampires
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‘The Vampire Diaries’ had a huge talent pool

Based on the young adult novel series of the same name, The Vampire’s Diary follow the adventures of supernatural beings living in the Mystic Falls, Virginia fiction. In addition to the undead heartbeats that roamed the city, there were puppies, hybrids, witches, ghosts, doppelgängers, hunters, horns, and uncertain human villages.

With all the creatures building the fictional village, the roster of the characters – and the actors they played – was long. As a result, some of the stories became very complex, especially when it came to romantic engagement.

After a year or two The Vampire’s Diary concluded, Somerhalder spoke Elle about what character it would take out of the mix if it were to rewrite the show. The actor gave a very logical response based strongly on the strengthening of the overall narrative.

Ian Somerhalder would make one of the original characters if he could rewrite the show

For the record, not only did the audience root for Damon, but they got behind his romance with Elena, who was originally connected to Damon’s brother, Stefan. Somerhalder’s image brought the hedonistic vampire, Damon, charm, wit, and incredible magnetism, making him a fan-favorite character.

Somerhalder continued, “Now imagine that you are a woman. You have a boyfriend, or you have one you like, and he kills your brother, do you still go out with him? That’s what happened in Vampire Diary.

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