‘The Flash’ Season 7: Will Sue Go Down for Joseph Carver’s Murder?


Turning social thief Sue Dearbon brought kinetic energy to Am Flash Season 6. As a character who does some inquisitive things for very reasonable reasons, she became someone to root for. So when the end of season 6 left her in legal hot water, fans were on their own. With that in mind, here ‘s what we know so far about where Sue’ s story will go Am Flash Season 7. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about The Flash Seasons 6 and 7.]

Season 6 'The Flash' - Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue
Season 6 ‘The Flash’ – Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue | The CW, ‘About Flash’ via Twitter

Sue is a fan favorite character, with or without Ralph

With her funny whips and spunky look, Sue became a hugely popular fan Am Flash. The recurring character was apparently developed as half of the DC Comics high-powered couple.

Sue marries Ralph Dibney, aka Elongated Man, on the pages of comic books. So funny enthusiasts were funny when she finally appeared Am Flash. In an off-camera twist, her viewing partner Hartley Sawyer, who portrayed Ralph, dropped out of the series ahead of season 7. So the opportunities for an on-wedding wedding. narrow screen.

But there’s a lot more to Sue’s narrative than her romance with the metahuman private investigator. According to presenter Eric Wallace Weekly entertainment, Am Flash he debates a lot more about Sue in season 7.

Wallace told the shop, “Now we can expand her character and give her more support and growth in ways we weren’t originally designed for. ”

Previously on ‘The Flash,’ the Mirror Master framed Sue for the Murder of Joseph Carver

From the removal of Flash Team members to the introduction of STAR Labs with its spies, Eva McCulloch, aka the Mirror Master, caused chaos during season 6. In a tragic act, murder she had her fallen husband, Joseph Carver, in cold blood and she handed the offense to Sue.

Season 6 cliffhanger left fans wondering how Sue would find a way out of that situation. Would she run and hide? Or stay in Central City to try and clear her name?

Coming up on Season 7 ‘The Flash’, Sue clears her name

Wallace confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Sue will indeed be clearing her name. Even better, it will show up all over Am Flash Season 7 to mix with Barry and team.

” [It’s] very interesting to see how she is going to interact more with Team Flash once her name is cleared – because we are going to clear her name obviously , ”Wallace promised.

The head of the show went on to inspire the development of another intriguing plot in which Sue had just been released. “Why did she come back to Central City? And that will be part of her story this season. “

Commenting on Sawyer’s departure, Wallace explained, “You try to take lemons and make lemonade, and all of a sudden, now Sue’s opportunities are open. And we have a special story that she’s going to help us with, [specifically] with one of our offenders this season that we would never have gotten if the circumstances had not changed. So, it’s going to be, I think, fun and unexpected for the audience, as much as it was for us to write. ”

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