‘Chicago P.D.’ Adds Nicole Ari Parker For a New Kind of Story


Times are changing and Chicago PD, like all police dramas, requires maintenance. For the upcoming season, a new Sgt character will be asked to keep. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and his team according to line. Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller, represented by Nicole Ari Parker, will be coming to Chicagoland from Atlanta for Season 8.

Nicole Ari Parker laughs a little in front of a dull background
Nicole Ari Parker | Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

Acting history of Nicole Ari Parker

Parker, 50, grew up in Baltimore. At 17, she won the state theater best actor competition. She joined the Washington Ballet Company and later earned an acting degree from New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of Art, according to curriculum vitae.

She appeared in the films Boogie nights, Blue stream, and Remember the Titans before turning to the smaller screen. Her breakup came there with the Showtime show Soul food early 2000s. She painted Teri Joseph, the eldest of three sisters. Her romantic interest in the show, Damon, was produced by Boris Kodjoe, who became a real husband. The two appeared in their own show, The second time around, on UPN from 2004-2005.

Parker was recently seen as Giselle Barker on the prime-time soap opera, Empire. Her career, which was originally developed in Season 4, moved from regular appearances to regular series with Jussie actors Smollett, Terrance Howard, Taraji Henson, Bryshere Gray, and Trai Byers. With Smollett fired, after being convicted for six counts of making false police reports of being the victim of a hate crime attack in 2019, the show went on through Season 6, last season is without, according to The Washington Post.

Parker’s personal life

Parker was married and separated from actor Joseph Falasca in 2001, according to IMDb. She married Soul food and The second time around co-star, Kodjoe in May 2005. They have two children.

Their daughter, now 15, was born with spina bifida. After that, Parker and Kodjoe started Sophie’s Voice, named after their daughter. According to the foundation’s website, They established the Sophie Voice Foundation (SVF) to conduct further research that could offer workable solutions for better health care for children and adults living with spina bifida, to promote its prevention and to improve people’s quality of life. who lives to develop spina bifida. ” In 2019, the name of the foundation was changed to Kodjoe Family Foundation.

Parker’s role to ‘Chicago PD’

Cop shows have a long history of “roughing up perps,” said Darnell Hunt Variety. Hunt, Dean of Social Sciences and UCLA professor of sociology and African American Studies at UCLA, said, “CBS has CSI and NCIS, NBC is on Law & Order and Chicago PD. Those crime shows that have reappeared over the years tend to spawn older, tend to look more elegant. ”

Chicago PD trying to keep up with the times. A rough decline must go down along with racial counts, and Deputy Superintendent Miller is bringing it in to help. She is “a progressive, strong supporter of police reform,” as her character description describes, according to TV Line. “She wants to help Voight and information adapt to the new reality, but will not tolerate breaches of new police guidelines and protocols. ”

It’s going to take some work. Voight is known for doing what it does to get people talking, despite urging its officials not to follow his example.

We expect Chicago PD and other cop shows to go well in the future. Some of the most watched TV shows. Chicago PD, along with sister shows Fire Chicago and Chicago Med, updated by NBC for three years, after the end of Season 7. The next season is scheduled to be announced on Wednesday, November 11 in the 10pm hourlotlot thereafter Fire Chicago.