Batman Rumor: Is Jim Carrey Returning to the Franchise as Another Iconic Villain?


Jim Carrey recently postponed the statement on presidential candidate Joe Biden Saturday Night Live. And along with his lethal role in Sonic the hedgehog, 2020 shaped up to be one of Carrey ‘s hottest years in the near future. Now a new rumor is being put right back into Batman’s franchise decades after his first appearance.

Riddler costume from Batman Forever
Riddler costume from Batman Forever Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Jim Carrey played The Riddler in 1995 ‘Batman Forver’

In 1994, Carrey moved from being a TV special actress In vivid color to a main man with a big screen. That year, the actor appeared Ace Ventura: Pet Finder, Among and Dumb and dumb. And Hollywood was quick to put Carrey in a licensing position. Just six months later Dumb and dumb, the actor appeared on screen again in 1995 Batman forever.

Replacing Tim Burton’s first two films, director Joel Schumacher took the series in a much more campy direction. Batman forever often getting a lump into Schumacher Batman & Robin. But the former benefits from Carrey’s super-high performance as the Riddler. So fans may be curious to see him go against the Dark Knight again.

Warner Bros. has two other Jokers. already

Over the years, Carrey has made a toy with a darker character performance. On his Showtime series Kidding, the actor even jumps into a dark and hurtful comedy. So it’s not hard to imagine Carrey taking that skill set as the Joker. Just sprinkle in his signature manic energy. But if fan demand is any indication, Am Batman a check takes a different route.

Perhaps the biggest argument against this rumor – as well as the throw on the nose – is the fact that DC already has a pair of Jokers. While Jared Leto may have been out of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), no one else has been named for that sequel. Carrey doesn’t like how he fills that role.

Other than that, it feels unlikely Joker 2 releasing Joaquin Phoenix, especially after the actor won an Academy Award for his first film. That said, DC is keen to delve into its history, such as Michael Keaton’s upcoming Batman return. So it’s hard to rule out Carrey completely either.