‘RHOP’: Monique Samuels Promises To Show Receipts Proving Jamal Bryant Has a Mistress at Reunion


After 10 years, Gizelle Bryant rekindled her relationship with her husband and the father of her three daughters, Pastor Jamal Bryant. However, her children and father seem to agree because the minister was often deceived during their marriage. When the couple first announced that they were seeing each other again, sources accused them of submitting it for a story. Co-star Monique Samuels agrees and promises to release receipts confirming that the minister has a mistress at the RHOP Quarterly reunion 5.

Watch what happens with Andy Cohen at home - Episode 17157 - Capture this image: Monique Samuels
Watch what happens with Andy Cohen @ Home – Episode 17157 – In this photo: Monique Samuels | Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Jamal are back together

In 2002, Gizelle Bryant married Pastor Jamal and was a First Lady in his growing church. The couple also welcomed three girls into the world before filing for divorce after six years.

According to Bryant, she and her husband separated because of his multiple issues which led to several children. Nonetheless, the couple have maintained strong relationships over the past 10 years as they co-parent their children.

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During seasons 3 and 4 of Potomac real housewives, Bryant had an on-and-off relationship with former professional basketball player Sherman Douglas. Even though the two went to counseling sessions as a last resort, things didn’t work out, and they officially separated in May 2019.

A few months later, the Potomac housewife announced that she was reunited with her husband, although she had previously stated that the door would not open again.

Monique Samuels threatened to reveal the Bryants

According to January 2020 reports, sources accused the couple of failing the relationship for a story. One defendant said Media Takeout News that Bryant pays her husband along with him for the show.

The Bryants responded to the rumors with posting a picture they will be wearing “The Storyline” and “The Plot” shirts a month later for Valentine’s Day. Co-star Monique Samuels signed the allegations in a tweet in May 2020 saying that the minister has told people that his relationship is not “real” and only for “reality tv.”

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She added that the first Lady is “falling short” of the “mission for a story.” The mother of three followed him by regularly asking if she should post “Juicy” text messages she says.

Samuels promises to show receipts for Jamal Bryant at a reunion

In the October 2020 program of Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, the action representative asked a question of Samuels asking about the receipts she was threatening to release on the couple.

The owner of Not For Lazy Moms asked Cohen if he wanted to show her what she was already texting and he thought she had “a lot more. Samuels went on to say that she knows a mistress who has been the minister for eight years since last season but did not talk about it because she is a “kind person. ”

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However, despite how Bryant dealt with her after the physical change with Candiace Dillard, the mother-of-three does not care and will ignore the receipts.

She promised to take them to the reunion, where the first Lady must answer for the actions of her ex-boyfriend. Potomac real housewives air Sunday at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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