‘Married at First Sight’: Karen Admits She’s Worried About Miles’ Masculinity in Sneak Peek


Karen Landry and Miles Williams have often struggled in their relationship on Lifetime’s He married at first sight Season 11 in New Orleans. While Karen – hurt by disloyalty in a previous relationship – wanted to take things in stride, Miles seemed totally out of it from the start.

In Insider Tbhthe new sneak peek of the October 7 program of He married at first sight, Karen spoke to Dr. Pepper Schwartz via video chat about how her marriage to Miles was going under the pressure of the COVID-19 crisis. She admitted that she was sometimes concerned about Miles’ ability to be the “male image” she wanted.

Karen Landry
Karen Landry | Kinetic content

Dr. Pepper warned Karen about thinking only of her own needs

Now that Lifetime production had been halted due to social distance directions, the He married at first sight couples were under more pressure. Dr. Pepper asked Karen how her marriage to Miles was getting longer due to quarantine pressures.

“There are definitely good parts, just for Miles to be a good man,” Karen began, adding that he would often do “little, sweet things” to show her that he cared.

However, Karen admitted that she was sometimes concerned that Miles was more concerned about being the “good boy” than showing his wife the raw truth.

“I’ve always had this fear that he was so likely to be a good boy and things like that like, ‘Do you really see you? ‘”Karen addressed the concerns. He married at first sight expert.

Dr. Pepper advised Karen that she should think more about her husband’s desires and needs, not just about her own things.

“The way I listen to your language, it’s about your needs,” she warned Karen. “You have said some things before that would hinder openness.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star revealed that Miles now had doubts about marriage

Karen was convinced she wanted to work on her marriage to Miles and try to meet his needs as well. However, she said, she raised issues such as her husband’s masculinity because she wanted him to fully understand her needs and where she came from.

The He married at first sight a star began to tear up as she admitted that some of her worst fears about her recent marriage had come true. Karen explained that she had “begged” Miles not to “destroy his feelings,” in case revenge began against him.

Now, she emotionally appeared to Dr. Pepper, she was worried that was true. And Miles wasn’t even sure what he planned to do on the upcoming Decision Day.

“Last night, he said it didn’t feel like I was trying in this relationship,” Karen admitted. “He even told me, ‘If it were Decision Day today, I would choose not to get married, because I feel like you’re not making an effort. ‘”