‘LPBW’: Zach Roloff Said He’s No Longer Sympathizing With Amy Roloff When it Comes to Roloff Farms


Those who have been following Little People, Big World Amy Roloff is known to have had a hard time moving off Roloff Farms. After her divorce from Matt Roloff, she decided to leave the farm property and buy a new place. But the move took longer than expected – and even her son, Zach Roloff, is having trouble empathizing with Amy. Here is what Zach told the cameras on display.

Amy Roloff moves slowly from Roloff Farms in ‘Little People, Big World’

Amy Roloff visits Hollywood Today Live
Amy Roloff visits Hollywood Today Live | David Livingston / Getty Images

Moving is never easy, and Amy had to make big decisions after a divorce. While living on Roloff Farms for 30 years, she decided that Matt Roloff could keep Farms and move out of the building. And during season 21 of LPBW, viewers can see how difficult it is for Amy to quickly pack her belongings and move on.

Unfortunately, Matt ‘s timeline for Amy doesn’t move off the farm according to Amy’ s line. While Matt hoped Amy would move as soon as possible, Amy takes her time.

“It can be hard for Amy to leave the farm,” Matt told the cameras at Season 21 Episode 2. “She has so many memories. But I think in the end, it will be healthy for the whole family when Amy moves on and frees her from the farm bags. I think she will be happier. The family now feel more at ease. ”

Zach Roloff said he is losing patience with Amy and her move

While Matt gets upset with Amy’s move, so does Zach. Zach watched his parents go through their divorce, and he also saw Amy come to the difficult decision to move out of Roloff Farms. Now, he wants Amy to move off the farm building ASAP so everyone can move on with their lives.

“I follow that my father is taking over the whole farm,” Zach told the cameras. “I think it will be healthier for everyone when my mum moves off the farm. ”

During Season 21 Episode 2 of LPBW, Zach also said that he loses sympathy with Amy. He noted that he ‘s usually on Amy’ s side when it comes to conflict between Amy and Matt, but at this point, he’s over.

“I’ve always been in favor of Mum, but maybe I’m a little more like, ‘Hey mom, I sympathize. Rolamaid, ‘”Zach told Matt while visiting Roloff Farms.

“It would be great to see the farm in a better place,” Zach continued on camera. “There is a lot of uncertainty. And I tend to sympathize with my mother a lot historically, especially over the years. But in this particular case, it’s becoming difficult. ”

Eventually, Zach said there would be ‘conflict’ if Amy kept on the farm

Zach has the best interest of both mother and father, but is certainly tired of the bickering and indecisive behavior. And he clearly wants Amy to move on while Matt continues to care for Roloff Farms for now.

“Health-wise, she’d better move away,” Zach continued on camera. “You know, there are two different people living on it who are not getting on. There will be conflict if issues are not resolved soon. “

There is likely to be a lot of conflict on program 3 of this season, however. In the preview for the next program, Matt says that Amy is “immune,” and Amy says that Matt is “brutal.” The two are unlikely to come to an agreement, as Amy stops.

Hopefully Zach can continue to keep the peace between his fighting parents as LPBW follow up!

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