‘ER’ Wasn’t George Clooney’s First Role as an Emergency Room Employee


Today’s fans know George Clooney as a busy movie star and Amal Clooney ‘s husband. Twenty-six years ago, ER, the show that Clooney launched was turned into a superstition and Clooney ‘s role as Dr. Doug Ross was transformed from a famous actor into one of Hollywood’ s hottest stars.

Not enough spectators could be seen walking through the halls of the County General Hospital, saving lives and breaking hearts.

But long before it was Dr. Ross, Clooney was involved in another television show set in an emergency room in Chicago. While there were many different things about this show, at least the “heartbreaking” part was the same.

‘ER’ was a surprise

George Clooney
George Clooney | Photos by Franco Origlia / Getty

When ER it hit the airwaves in 1994, was a major departure from its predecessors, and amazed viewers. According to the Defender, most previous medical drama followed a much slower rhythm, mostly showing doctors walking through the halls, discussing issues.

ER it exploded onto the screen, pushing the audience into the action by showing scenes from a patient’s view of a gurney, racing them into the emergency room.

The story was so fast and the drama so loud that the show quickly succeeded. Observers were divinely trained to monitor the County General Hospital battlefield doctors and nurses to save their patients as soon as they slipped in the doors.

ER it was desperate to watch, and not just because of the drama. Dr. Doug Ross was there too, and fans didn’t want to miss a minute with him.

George Clooney as Dr. Ross

Cinema Mix explains that Dr. Ross is the ‘bad resident boy’ series, prone to breaking the rules and taking a passionate stance. His character was so well-liked by viewers that Clooney says his life has never been the same after playing the role. His work on it ER he made a house name for him.

He stayed with the series for the first five seasons, then left to pursue other opportunities. He returned for the 15th and last season.

But Clooney had been working as an actor by then. Prior to promoting Dr. Ross’s tenure he had a number of smaller roles, some of them in well-known shows. He appeared on 11 programs of the first Roseanne sitcom, playing coworker of Roseanne and her sister Jackie. He also appeared on it Life information a few times near the end of the show’s nine seasons on air.

There were other careers, none of which were particularly remarkable, but one seemed to have been prepared for the part that would make him famous.

Before ‘ER’ there was an ‘E / R’

Clooney had much of his early work before ER it has almost been forgotten today. But it seems that before playing Dr. Ross, Clooney already had critical experience. Ten years earlier ER exploding on the scene, he appeared in a so-called comedy series E / R.

according to Elle, the show, which only lasted for one season, was also set in an emergency room in Chicago. Clooney played the role of Ace, a medical technician who worked in the emergency room and was very much a man of women. He was not the only member of the team to appear in both emergency room shows, either. Mary McDonnell, who would then play the role of Eleanor Carter ER, also part of the E / R. thrown.

The recent live comedy may not have been successful on television, but it was good practice for Clooney ‘s future career as Dr. Ross. And the fans who have always followed him since his days in County General are happy that he ended up where he did.