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‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Fans Think Davis Is Setting Saxe Up to Fail


Bringing out the layers of inward deception Power Book II: Phantom it’s not something difficult because there are plenty of players in this chapter who are playing dirty. Tariq himself is among them, but his new start-up job requires him to interact with unreliable people and so is his mother’s case.

Going into this spinoff, OG characters like Cooper Saxe were expected to carry an old animation that existed before Ghost died into this new era. However, the midseason weekend just confirmed that fact.

From the outside, the plot seems to be strained one way with Davis MacLean and Saxe, but some fans have a different opinion.

Some fans think Davis MacLean plays Saxe for a fool

To be clear, MacLean is not at all calm and agile enough to separate people’s words and behavior. He confirmed when he found out that Tameika was hiding something and controlled it.

With the reputation of a Saxe genius at the forefront of the world of criminal justice, Davis knows he ‘s easily moved by suggestions to clear messages or lock someone up.

Check out Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram and note that a growing number of fans believe that MacLean is playing Saxe to free Tasha while exposing his corruption in the process. It works.

Why would MacLean trust him? As soon as he learns about Riley helping her uncle Nancy out, MacLean will have a lever again. The man knows how to play games while earning publicity and big money.

Why this theory might be valid

What is Tameika Davis is known to have sat down to tell him about Tariq and Saxe. While she may not believe Tariq ‘s story about Tommy burning Ghost, she knows that Saxe is guilty of being dirty and Tasha is not a queen pin. Maybe she’s helping MacLean’s Saxe sandbag.

On the flip, Riley engages in this illegal investigation either as Saxe or Tariq fell. Eventually, she finds out and that kills her or her Brayden ghost as well. She’s taking someone with her and it might be Saxe because this is Tariq’s show.

Plus, MacLean can tell Tariq just about everything – or Paula will if she learns what’s going on – and he has time to put together a hard, convincing story until Tommy appears.

Don’t put down an amazing look with Egan since his name has been dropped so often. And somehow Tariq always escapes from real consequences.