‘Grey’s Anatomy’: People Actually Liked Owen Until He ‘Became the Very Thing He Hated’


Anatomy Gray one of the longest running television shows ever, and although it has been on the air for more than a decade, fans still love the characters and stories on it. the production in the series.

The show is full of heart, comedy, romance and drama, and despite the fact that the main team has gone through a major setback over the years, the audience returns faithfully for each successive season. .

However, fans have had problems with certain characters, and recently went to Reddit to discuss Owen Hunt, played by Kevin McKidd, and some of his problems.

‘Gray’s Anatomy’ is one of television’s most popular medical theaters

KEVIN MCKIDD as Owen on 'Gray's Anatomy'
KEVIN MCKIDD as Owen on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | Mitch Haaseth / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Anatomy Gray first in 2005, changing the way people everywhere watched television medical drama. Set in Seattle, the series follows the tricks of Dr. Meredith Gray, played by Ellen Pompeo, and the team of friends and chefs at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

At the beginning of the series, Meredith was a resident just beginning, and over the years, viewers have seen her as an experienced surgeon.

Not only that Anatomy Gray has made Ellen Pompeo star, but she has created huge fanbases for actors like Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, and Kate Walsh. The series has been praised by critics as well as fans for their commitment to medical accuracy, and exhibitors have walked away with several awards, including a Golden Globe award.

The series has also won dozens of nominations for other awards over the years. Just like every other TV series, Anatomy Gray people have experienced it – but fans have always returned to the show for updates on their favorite characters.

Who will play Owen on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’?

In 2008, a character named Owen Hunt came together Anatomy Gray. Played by Kevin McKidd, Owen became part of the regular team in season five and has been a mainstay of the show ever since.

Like Cristina Yang’s love interest, Owen is often torn between his personal and professional responsibilities and has been shown to suffer from PTSD because of his time as a U.S. Army trauma surgeon.

Kevin McKidd has received praise from fans for his work on the show and his chemistry with Sandra Oh is beyond doubt. However, there are some viewers who have a problem with Owen ‘s personality questions, and recently, some of those fans took to Reddit to break down the ways in which he has changed over the years.

Fans think Owen is getting involved in too much drama

At first, many fans liked Owen and his relationship with Cristina. However, these same viewers have seen a big change in recent seasons, and not welcome.

“His first season was great. Then the writers decided to make it into the biggest asshole they could find, ”added one fan. Reddit.

Another commented that “the problem for me is that his writing becomes very inconsistent in later seasons, which just turns him into a terrible man. ”

One observer said that Owen has undergone a major change in personality: “I preferred him when he was working too fast in the trauma bay and he sought advice from the other doctors when they had problems with the way it worked. And when he chaired everyone for being too involved in their own drama to be good doctors. Then it became a real thing he hated. King of drama. ”

The future of Owen Hunt Anatomy Gray obscure – but if fans are on the go, it could definitely be looking forward to less screen time on the series.