‘Double Shot at Love’: How a Restraining Order Helped Marissa Lucchese Get Cast for the Show


A double image of loveMarissa Lucchese has an interesting reason for teaming up with MTV TV stars. Find out how Lucchese’s restraining order prompted auditions for Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino’s date show.

Marissa Lucchese on 'Double Shot at Love'
Marissa Luccese | MTV

Marissa Lucchese’s ‘Double Shot at Love’ was made for reality television

Lucchese is passionate about appearance and beauty, but she always felt like she was going to be a reality star. “I always wanted to be on some kind of reality TV,” Lucchese explained The Morality Hangover podcast. “Whether it was acting, in films, commercials, [or] the end of the truth. ”

Lucchese said her friends and family have always told her it was made for reality television, but Lucchese never thought anything would come of it. That is, until her life took a turn.

Marissa Lucchese’s ‘midlife crisis’ helped her get on ‘Double Shot at Love’

Lucchese was looking for change after a bad breakup. “I had to get a stop order,” she admitted on the podcast. “I was like this, ‘I’m in such a dark place right now, and I want to make a change, step out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and see what happens. ‘”

And that’s what she did. Lucchese went to MTV.com and applied for shows they were throwing at the time. The calls and interviews came in.

Before the filming began, Marissa Lucchese did not know which reality star she was going to

At the time of her interview, MTV had not revealed who the star boy would be. “They called me one day and said, ‘We’re doing this blockbuster,'” Lucchese explained. “They didn’t say what it was for season 1 of Double shoe. We didn’t even know it was going to be two [people]. “All MTVs told Luchesse that” the right boy was a huge star. ”

Lucchese described the experience as “amazing and deceptive.” First, she applied for another show that MTV was doing at the time. Representatives saw her energy and personality on camera and thought she was more suited to him. A double image of love.

Marissa Lucchese was a little apprehensive about joining the ‘Double Shot at Love’ team

Before Lucchese was thrown for the show, she did not allow herself to raise her hopes. As soon as she got the call confirming her place on the date show, Lucchese was “like‘ Holy sh * t, this is happening. ”

Lucchese felt a mixture of feelings about joining the team. “I didn’t know what I should be feeling,” she explained, continuing:

Walking into that house, you never know what to expect. One, you don’t know who the boy is [and] whether you are going to want it or not. Two, you know how girls are. They are small. So you’re going to walk in, and you don’t know what personality types you’re walking into, and you know there’s going to be drama. You kind of go into there crushing guns.

As if that wasn’t enough to compete with, Lucchese said A double image of love Season 1 was her first time away from home. “I’ve never done college, I’ve never experienced being away from home,” she said, adding that it was a change.

With two seasons of the MTV reality series under her belt, Lucchese still describes the experience as “wild and surreal. ”Will she go along with some of the others A double image of love girls in the next season of Jersey Coast: family vacation? Only time will tell!