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‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten Puts Forbidden Items in the Dishwasher All the Time — Except This 1 Major No-No


Ina Garten Food Network Star, better known as Contessa barefooted, playing by his own rules in life. Yes, she has a successful cookery show and a handful of bestseller books. But the 72-year-old food connoisseur refuses to accept a popular idea. When critics accused her of using too much butter, she doubled the amount. And when they expressed insult about what she had in a washing machine? She was just continuing to live her life.

Garten isn’t gradually following up with horrible fans who think she’s breaking a holy rule by loading most of the kitchen appliances in the washing machine. She admitted, however, that there is one thing you will never get.

‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten believes in taking risks

Ina Garten | Mike Smith / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

It may not have been easy to leave the high-paying financial work of the White House to pursue her dream of owning a small Hamptons retail store, but that is exactly what Garten did in 1978. The Contessa barefooted the business grew and sold to two employees before embarking on her next endeavor: cookbook author. Eventually these desires resulted in a lucrative hosting contract with the Food Network.

The cooking whiz has been doing things the way it was, regardless of the risks or the negative feedback. This idea may have helped her latest controversy. Garten survives so much criticism for putting fine cooking utensils in the washing machine.

She shared an Instagram photo of taboo products in the washing machine

Garten connects with fans through social media channels, especially Instagram. Recent post shows the Contessa barefootedThe contents of the washing machine were awful for those fans who thought she was careless.

The offensive image showed a wooden-handled spatula, an All-Clad pan, and a Wusthof chef’s knife all loaded up in the washing machine after spinning. The caption reads, “If you are not sick of loading the washing machine, could you come down mine ??”

Instead of offering kitchen support, many Garten fans came to the ideas to express their discomfort with what was in the dishwasher. She replied, “Everything goes in the washing machine !! My helper would put the bird in the dishwasher (she took the bird out first). ”

The only thing Ina Garten doesn’t put in the dishwasher

There is even a line Contessa barefooted you will not cross. Garten would not dream of putting her cast iron cookware in the washing machine, she clarified on Instagram.

People who use a cheese iron know that the washing machine, soap, or steel wool can strip and tear the pan beyond repair.

Instead, cleaning iron cookers only requires salt and kosher water. The owner can use the salt to help remove stuck food scraps and a paper towel to remove it. Boiling water helps to open stronger false pans. Plus, these things don’t require extra care.

Some of Garten’s kitchen products, including its All-Clad pan and wood handling equipment, are safe to wash machine, Apartment Medicine notes. But hand washing is always the safest option when you have time (which is Contessa barefooted clearly not).

Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Cookbook will come out October 6, 2020.