‘The Office’: Who the Actors Were Really Talking To in Their Talking Head Interviews


The Office he is famous for filming in a documentary style. So talking head interviews are a big part of the show. In a 2008 interview, Jenna Fischer (played by Pam) revealed who The Office actors actually talk to them when filming their talking heads.

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in 'The Office'
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in ‘The Office’ Justin Lubin / NBCU Photo Bank

The ‘Office’ team worked with the camera operator

For the The Office it is common for the characters in the show to communicate directly with the camera. However, according to Fischer, the actors were not just working on a machine, they were working for a camera operator named Randall Einhorn.

“Is there an actor behind you that you can look like, like interact with?” asked NPRTerry Gross. “Or is it just, as it is, the camera with a cameraman?”

One director with whom the team was “especially connected to Ken Kwapis.” He directed the first program of The Office, as well as some of the most memorable moments in the show, such as when Jim finally asks Pam out for dinner.

“When Jim exploded into the conference room while Pam was giving an interview, and finally asked for a date, I turned to the camera. And the minute they were used, I’m in tears, “Fischer said of the filming of” The Job. ” Season 3. “And the reason I was approaching was because when I looked back at the camera, I saw Ken Kwapis. And he – his eyes were full of tears. And he smiled at me and gave me a little wink, like, that’s right. You finally got what you wanted, sweetie. “