Joe Rogan Discusses Epic Feud with Carlos Mencia — ‘I Don’t Have Any Hate for That Dude’


Unfortunately, plagiarism in the world of comedy is quite common. Comedians with big names are often accused of stealing jokes, either from older talent or from their peers. One of those controversies turned ugly between famous podcast guest Joe Rogan and Comedy Central mainstay Carlos Mencia.

These two men engaged in a public brawl which prevented one of them from The Comedy Store, a popular comedy club in West Hollywood. But these days Rogan wants to deceive Mencia and move on from the incident.

Joe Rogan went from kickboxing to comedy

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Photos by Michael S. Schwartz / Getty

Rogan grew up participating in karate, Taekwondo, and kickboxing to improve his self-esteem in his youth. He gives credence to the martial arts by shaping it into who it came from, SB Nation recitation. “[Martial arts] it gave me not only confidence, but also a different perspective on myself and what I was capable of, ”said Rogan. “I knew I could do something I was afraid of, and that was very difficult, and I could be really good at it. It was a big concern for me. ”

After winning competitions and considering a career in martial arts, Rogan suddenly changed paths to pursue comedy. He got his start at open mic nights in Boston before moving on to more lucrative careers, including being an interviewer and reporter for UFC and hosting Fear factor. He also aired several comedy shows.

Rogan launched his podcast Joe Rogan’s experience in 2009. He is currently one of the most successful podcasters in the industry.

He accused Carlos Mencia of stealing a joke

In 2007, Rogan went against his teammate Mencia while the Inntinn Mencia alum was performing on stage at The Comedy Store. During what happened in front of a live audience, Rogan accused Mencia of deceiving the work of other comedians. Rogan did not suggest he was personally targeted.

Later, Rogan released a video showing a collection of humorous material strewn with fragments of Mencia making a similar joke. George Lopez and others appeared in the video to accuse Mencia of ripping off their belongings, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Rogan’s aggressive confrontation prevented him from The Comedy Store. But now more than a decade later, the celeb podcast has a new look.

Joe Rogan doesn’t complain against his former comedy nemesis

Rogan was very angry at the time of the conflict. However, he has learned to let go. In an interview with Bob Saget on his presentation, Rogan expressed his feelings about what happened.

“I don’t hate that dude,” he said. “And I hope he’s doing very well, I do.”

Saget replied, “I think he has learned his lesson. ”

Rogan then said, “I hope so, and I hope people forgive him too.”

Carlos Mencia never reconciled with Joe Rogan

Meanwhile, Mencia maintains his innocence from the crime. “At this point, when you took the road I took, you have to promise it,” the comedian said in LATV Network interview.

“A good friend told me to contact Joe and make up because he has a really good podcast. And I said, ‘What should I say to someone who has accused me of stealing a joke, but not that, and he is the one who has tried to ruin my career? ‘I never tried to ruin his career. I don’t know how to deal with that. “

It seems that these two will not become best friends, but hopefully reach a reliable rest.