Inside SZA and Drake’s Relationship


When it comes to his retrospective life, it looks like Drake has no credentials about letting his fans know personal and personal details. The Toronto rapper is known for putting his emotions and experiences into his music. Also, we know that he has been associated with famous women like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez among others.

However, when it was recently revealed about the SZA singer fans were spinning. Despite her mega talent, SZA has always held out her personal life. Of course, she was never connected to a high profile person and only talks about aspects of her personal life in her music.

So it surprised fans when rapper “Marvin Room” revealed that he and SZA were in a relationship a few years ago. Now that the “Hit Different” singer has been confirmed, this is what we know.

Drake said he pushed back the SZA date in 2008

While the 33-year-old rapper and 29-year-old singer have never been romantically or musically connected, the former actor has shown a ton of love and respect to the singer. A few months ago, among the SZA self-directed video released for “Hit Different” Drake shared a photo from the video on his Instagram stories.

He headed for the elegant portrait of SZA using the name given to it. He wrote, “Solana is the [chef’s] kiss. “Now, Drake has announced that he and SZA were dating a few years ago.

In his verse on 21 new Savage songs, “Mr. Right now ”Drake raps about the CTRL singer says,

Turn off your phone, take off your clothes / I’m sawn ‘, but I f *** her to a slow song / Yeah, she said she wants f *** to some SZA, wait /’ Reason I used to date SZA back in ’08 / If you cool with it, baby, she can still play.

Fans began to speculate about the relationship between SZA and Drake

For several days, SZA said nothing about Drake’s claims. In fact, she featured the Toronto-born rapper on social media and posted a meme about being in her business. However, fans started scratching their heads as they considered the timing of the relationship.

Since SZA did not turn 18 until the end of 2008, fans have argued that Drake ‘s relationship with her would have been irrelevant since she was a minor for most of 2008. She would have would be 17 and Drake would have been 21.

All the rumors and opinions made the singer come forward with the very details of her relationship with the rapper “Nice For What”.

Inside the SZA and Drake relationship

While we’re sure she’s not fond of putting her personal business on the streets, SZA has clarified a few details about her relationship with Drake. She tweeted,

So it was really 2009 lol. In this case a year of poetic rap license came out pretty lol. I think he was just innocently balancing 08 with waiting. Anyone who really knows me and was around this time can attest … it is love and peace.

The singer went on to explain why she came up with those details. “I just didn’t want anyone to think that anything underage or creep was happening,” she said. “Absolutely innocent. A lifetime ago. ”

It looks like SZA and Drake were actually the same thing as the rapper exploded in the music industry, but we just missed it.