‘Gilmore Girls’: Why Lauren Graham Loved the Final 4 Words of the Show


The creator Gilmore’s daughters she knew the last four words she wanted to finish with them, but there was a long wait for them to appear. Lauren Graham, played by Lorelai Gilmore, explained why she loved the last scene even though it left fans wanting more.

The last 4 words of ‘Gilmore Girls’ were drawn

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed that she knew what the last four words would be and fans didn’t get them because she left the show. She talked about keeping those words to herself in the hope that she would return.

“I also held on to it for a long time because I thought if we made a film, I would be able to use it there,” Sherman-Palladino said. Vulture. “I don’t think that will ever happen, I don’t know. I might say the last four words. I feel like now I let people down because it’s so built. ‘Really? That’s what we’ve been waiting for for those twelve years? Well, thanks so much. ‘”

The good news is that four more incidents have occurred. Fans finally found out what the show’s creator had planned.

The last four words were the fall of a son

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Rory struggled with his career years after graduating from college. She also linked with Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) despite being in a relationship with someone else.

She also goes on a date with a man named Paul (Jack Carpenter), but they were rarely together and she kept forgetting about him. Rory also picks up an unseen hook Star Wars fan.

The revival ends with Lorelai and Rory speaking. “Mum?” Rory says. “Yes?” Lorelai Responses. ‘I’m pregnant,’ said Rory.

We are not told who their father is, and it is not confirmed what Rory intends to do. She went against her father, Christopher Hayden (David Sutcliffe), to see how he feels about Lorelai raising Rory without him. She seems to be thinking about taking motherhood on her own.

Lauren Graham loved the ending leading to various opportunities

Lauren Graham attends the premiere of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"
Lauren Graham attends the premiere of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” | Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

The last four words surprised some fans and received mixed opinions. Graham revealed that her response to Rory was filmed several times.

“The reaction I felt was a 50-50 mix of surprise and full of joy,” she said Air Adhar By Ryan Seacrest. Some fans might be frustrated with the ending without giving them a complete shutdown.

But the actor loves that. “I like the idea that even if you’re sad, your imagination can take over,” she said.

Fans have certainly used their imagination to imagine what will happen next. The popular theory is that Logan is the father of the child. This is not just because they slept together. This is partly because Logan is very similar to Christopher.

They are both wealthy and situated on a special path because of their parents. But like Lorelai, Rory has her own plans. She might want to do this on her own.