‘Dancing With the Stars’ Host Carrie Ann Inaba Does One Thing Before the Show Goes Live


Carrie Ann Inaba is successful in the entertainment industry. From her career as a professional dancer to her new gig as a talk show guest, it seems like nothing can do with Inaba. Before she takes to the judging panel Dancing with the stars, there is one thing The Debate a co-host says she always will. Find out what Inaba does before you go live on it Dancing with the stars.

Carrie Ann Inaba on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Carrie Ann Inaba | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

Carrie Ann Inaba has held a number of positions in the entertainment industry

The dance designer, guest, writer, producer and animal advocate started in the entertainment industry in 1986. After winning a singing competition, she had a short-term career as a singer in Japan.

On her return to America, she began dancing as a “flying girl” on the sketch comedy series In vivid color. From there, Inaba’s career as an actor came to fruition. She went on to appear in several television series and films such as Austin Powers: Goldmember and Exhibitions.

In 2005, Inaba became its judge Dancing with the stars. She is still judging the celebrity competition show today, as well as hospitality The Debate.

Carrie Ann Inaba is best known for being a tight judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Part DWTS fans believe chief judge Len Goodman is the strongest critic of the show. But there are many viewers who see Inaba as one of the toughest judges on the show.

While Inaba’s judgment may seem harsh, she’s really just doing her job. As someone who is passionate about dance music, Inaba tries to give feedback to the celebrities and their partners to get better.

One of the biggest mistakes Inaba sees in the ballroom is dancers breaking the lift rule. “[The National Dance Council of America defines] lift [as] any movement where one of the dancers has one leg off the floor at the same time with the support or assistance of their partner, ”Inaba explained in Facebook Post 2017.

Dance styles that allow for lifts include the Jitterbug, Argento Tango, Salsa, Jazz, Contemporary, and Charleston. Lifts are not allowed in the Rhumba, Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Samba, Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Fox Trot, or Quickstep.

“[The lift rule] enabling people with physical challenges who make lifts impossible, ”said Inaba. “If lifts were allowed in all dances, people would start making lifts to make their dances visually stimulating, because in fact, it’s always good to see a good lift. ”

While it pains her to dock a point when someone breaks the lift rule, Inaba says if the celebrities were to be judged in a real ballroom competition, their score would be affected.

Carrie Ann Inaba prays for the strength to be an honest judge before ‘DWTS’ goes live

Each player has their own practice beforehand Dancing with the stars going live from Hollywood. “When we get to our seats, I check my paddles, double check my notes, and make sure my pen is working,” Inaba said on her blog Carrie Ann Conversations.

The use of Inaba is also spiritual in nature. “Before we live, I will always pray: have the courage to speak my truth and do so with love and compassion in my heart, to uplift others, so that no one will be hurt,” she said. “I take a deep breath, and then we’re alive! ”

According to Inaba, the judges will get into the studio about 10 minutes before the show. That’s a lot to go into that time frame, but Inaba always makes it work!