’90 Day Fiancé’: Michael Ilesanmi Gets up and Walks Away During the Tell All


Forward 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after, what would the Tell All be without some drama and someone getting up and walking off? Well, things are not very different on the virtual Tell All either, and Michael Ilesanmi gets up from his chair and walks off in the modern program.

Fans of the series know that Michael wants to have a baby with Angela Deem, who is now his wife. However, after receiving some news from her doctor about the dangers of “throwing a baby” at her age, Angela keeps a close eye on what is planned. And of course, the children’s topic will be raised during the Tell All.

Michael Ilesanmi wants to have a baby with his wife, Angela Deem

Michael Ilesanmi on '90 Fiancé Days Happily After '
Michael Ilesanmi on ’90 Fiancé Day happily after ‘| TLC /YouTube

Michael has been skeptical about wanting a baby, and Angela has even tried to get an egg from her daughter, Skyla, who doesn’t give it up. But Michael really seems to be holding out hope that Skyla will give an egg to the cause.

The guest, Shaun Robinson, asks where the couple is currently having a baby. “I want to have his own child,” says Angela. “I would like to have our own child.”

Michael gets pressure in, and says if Skyla “refuses” to donate an egg, they can take a surrogate. He says they have “choices.”

“You’re not really trying to have this baby,” Angela explains. “Do you think I’ll let someone take away your marrow and our baby’s egg? Maybe I’m the kind of mother she moves in with, then I have to look after you with her, because you’re young and you might get a lift. She walks around in her night house. ”

Skyla gets on the call, and she still feels the same way about not giving the couple an egg. “She’s just talking,” Skyla says of her mother. “She has no child.”

Skyla explains that they have talked about this before. ‘We don’t answer ‘no’, ”asks Angela. “So you should already know that you’re going to give us your egg, and affect it, or both.”

Michael insists he will talk to Skyla, and that the egg must come from Angela’s “bloodline. But Skyla says he has to “accept it.”

Michael gets up and walks away during the Tell All

Shaun asks Angela if she thinks Michael married her to give birth in America, paving the way for American citizenship. “It amazes me because who pushes so hard?” Angela questions. “You push harder with this position than you do in sex.”

Michael asks her not to say that. “You know what, if the baby isn’t here and God wants us to have one, something comes along,” says Angela. “But to put pressure on me and you know, I want someone who wants to be with me, not because of the things I can bear.”

Then Angela says she would rather “buy a dog. ”She goes on to say,“ Maybe he should have moved on. ”

Michael is upset, and asks her not to say that. “We have a choice or two,” asks Michael. “That’s what I’m saying now, come on.” Suddenly, Michael gets up and walks away from the camera view. However, he eventually returns, but is still unclear about the whole situation. Things heated up, and it is incomprehensible why Michael had to walk away for a while.

He says he loves Angela, and thinks she understands that he wants to have a baby, which is important to him. Angela says this is about her family “pushing.”

Will Angela and Michael still try to have a baby? We need to see what the future holds for the newlywed couple.