Jada Pinkett Smith Admitted She Asked This Deal Breaker Question Before Agreeing to Her Role in ‘The Matrix’ Sequels


Jada Pinkett Smith may have missed the top spot Am Matrix, but with the writers / directors as well as her lab, they created a character for her in the film series. Pinkett Smith once revealed the important question she needed to be answered before taking office.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Keanu Reeves, and Carrie-Anne Moss at the premiere of The Matrix Reloaded '
Jada Pinkett Smith, Keanu Reeves, and Carrie-Anne Moss | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Jada Pinkett Smith did not have chemistry with Keanu Reeves

Pinkett Smith wanted the place of Trinity in Am Matrix – but when she interviewed Keanu Reeves, who played Neo, she said the two weren’t “clicking at all.” ”In a 2015 interview on Howard Stern Exhibition, the actress explained as not putting down the gig.

“I interviewed Keanu for Trinity,” she explained. “But Keanu and I didn’t, uh, really click … At that particular time, we didn’t… we became good friends.”

Stern asked if she had done a screen test for the film and she explained, “Oh yeah. He and I had no chemistry at all. “

“I don’t think it was his fault,” said Pinkett Smith. “I think it was everyone’s fault. It wasn’t just Ke, it was me too. ”

Although she did not retain the part, she had nothing but Carrie-Anne Moss, who was famously part of Trinity. “I swear [I had been cast as Trinity], but I look at Carrie-Anne and I just leave, she ‘s freaking amazing. There is no way I could take it with me, ”admitted Pinkett Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith had one question before taking on the role of Niobe

Despite missing out on the role, The Wachowskis, wrote and directed Am Matrix films, they found a way to throw Pinkett Smith in the ranks. The two created the character Niobe just for her.

She had only one question for The Wachowskis before she took the job, however, as she told the Chicago Tribune in a 2003 interview about her response to the character made specifically.

“My favorite thing about Niobe was that it was created for me,” Pinkett Smith explained. “I met the Wachowskis for the first one Matrix, so I didn’t need to read anything when I was told ‘They created this character for you.’ ‘Really? Any nudity? ” Nope. ‘ Appropriately then! Let’s get it! ” She told the paper.

Pinkett Smith had to lie down to hold the part

In a video for Vanity Fair, Pinkett Smith shared how the choice part came about – and how she had to tell a lie to make it secure because she was pregnant at the time.

“I didn’t get a Trinity, but they remembered me. And they wrote a part for me called Niobe, ”explained Pinkett Smith. “And I’ll never forget when they called me in and they were like, Jada, we have this job for you, Niobe, but you’re pregnant.”

“And I’ll tell you a secret. I lied, ”she admitted. “Willow was due to be on November 11 but I told them, ‘Don’t worry, the baby is coming in October, so before the end of November, I’ll be ready. ‘”

Willow was born in late October, but Pinkett Smith wanted to play Niobe. “Do you know mum was ready. I was ready, ”she explained. “End of November to begin with Am Matrix. I pushed that baby out, went to the gym, and got him together. “